Afternoon stock index fell the GEM index futures dropped nearly 2%

Updated: October 19, 2015  Views: 25

China Securities Network (Reporter Wu Yuemeng Monday afternoon, the stock presents fall, GEM mean fell nearly 2 percent. As of 13:26, the Shanghai Composite newspaper 3376.89 points, down 0.45%, Shenzhen Component Index reported 11,295.48 points, down 0.7 %, the GEM index reported 2405.41 points, down 1.78 percent.

Plate, rose less or more, brokerage, Guizhou area, brokerage trust, super capacitors, sapphire gainers, food security, general aviation, aerospace, Internet, domestic software among the top decliners. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.