Crazy EIA, irresistible force, a war in the end

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Tonight EIA struck! Exclusive heavy data teach you to predict with API crude oil inventories EIA crude oil inventories, released Wednesday morning API crude oil inventories increased 4.4 million barrels, EIA turn go from here?

EIA is the main source of US energy data and information analysis and forecast According to the law, EIA independent information reports, affected by the government.

EIA released weekly, monthly, annual reports, covering all aspects of energy production, reserves, demand, import and export and price. At the same time, an analysis of the various elements of the above and current issues of concern to make presentations. Weekly Report including oil, gas and coal production, consumption and market natural gas reserves and the latest report. the report includes monthly Short-Term energy Outlook, natural gas monthly, monthly electricity, energy, etc. monthly Review annual report, including the international energy Outlook, the annual energy reviews report, the annual report of natural gas, coal annual report, annual US greenhouse gas emissions reporting. thematic reports, including energy prices, Arctic oil and gas production, national and regional electricity before profiling and so on.

EIA information available to the public, including energy data, analysis, forecasting, information and product descriptions. Most of the energy data collected by the EIA staff through the survey form to energy producers, information users, transporters and other companies collect energy data. companies and users will report directly to the EIA. some data from trade associations and other government departments .EIA information analysis products are technical reports and analytical articles on energy issues, including the economy, technology, energy production, information to predict the price, distribution, storage, consumption and environmental impact and other aspects .EIA covers various types of energy prediction includes the supply, consumption, prices and other important factors in the short-term prediction time 6-8 quarter interim It can be extended to predict the next 20 years.

EIA crude oil inventory data is regularly published Wednesday by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), which is published every Wednesday evening time 22:30 (23:30 winter time, the US has implemented wintertime). The data measured weekly US changes in the company's commercial crude oil inventories, if inventory levels lower than expected, the bullish crude oil, if inventory levels higher than expected, then the bad oil.

When crude oil inventories increased, indicating that the excess supply of crude oil market, oil prices fell, the dollar

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