Gastric sting, colic? You really have to guard against it!

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Wang Xiaoming recent days especially tragic, because he returned to school after school has been felt vaguely uncomfortable stomach, but not particularly painful, every time after eating spicy or classmates and a drink after lunch even more point, feel stomachache went to the school doctor, said it was 'ulcer', to pay more attention to Wang Xiaoming note.

But what really makes Xiaoming headache is his girlfriend.

After I heard that Wang Xiaoming had stomach problems, her girlfriends started feverishly to gather relevant information. This does not, she does not know his girlfriend after reading what health programs, he began to burn from porridge to Wang Xiaoming, said that the bread and water and stomach health.

Wang Xiaoming to collapse, nor is reluctant to accompany her to drink, but not three meals a day seven days a week so ah, gotta have food to eat two meals meat of it.

Whether she can be girlfriend Wang Xiaoming, said mouth closed 'To Hello!' Xiaoming dream wants dorm confiscated his girlfriend rice cooker. To make porridge Xiaoming honest, even his girlfriend said he had bad breath ulcer , he refused to kiss affectionate, roommate said Wang Xiaoming this can be considered complete when a monk monk.

Do not look too long version:

1, stomach problems, we must promptly to the hospital to check.

2, the throttle pylori cause stomach not uncommon, it is recommended to use chopsticks.

3, bread and water and can not 'stomach', poor nutrition will create other problems.

4, patients with gastric ulcer recommend eating spicy, hard spicy food, smoking will increase the ulcer.

5, free to buy and gastric acid medicine does not cure you. Medication not prescribed by a doctor, free withdrawal is likely to cause gastric ulcer recurrence.

Recurrent stomach pains, gastric ulcer care

Wang Xiaoming suffer, however, I had to go to the hospital to hang a number of gastroenterology, see their ulcers.

Wang Xiaoming said that under their own doctor where uncomfortable, upset stomach Xiaoming put, it is easy not to eat or drink a pain to tell the doctor. The doctor listened to by the press on the abdomen Xiaoming, Wang Xiaoming also faint pain. The doctor said indeed like gastric ulcer performance, but to do a gastroscopy can be confirmed.

I heard very painful to do endoscopy, Wang Xiaoming playing backed away, but the thought to go back and continue porridge, I felt short-long pain as pain.

Before doing endoscopy, the doctor told Wang Xiaoming, since the vast majority of stomach ulcers are caused by H. pylori caused so doing endoscopy, we'll take a little juice to make a 'rapid urease test' to see whether your stomach Helicobacter pylori.

Small bacteria killer

Helicobacter pylori since the eighties of the last century was discovered Australian scientists, it caused sustained attention of the medical profession, it is currently believed that the bacteria are responsible for the majority of gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, gastric inflammation, chronic gastritis etc. culprit of the disease, and even the incidence of gastric cancer is also related to this tiny bacteria.

Helicobacter pylori can produce a lot of toxins on gastric mucosal damage, gastric mucosal damage, formation of erosion and gradually develop into ulcers, if the site of the ulcer through blood vessels, it can cause stomach bleeding, bleeding volume can be expressed as vomit blood bleeding and fewer people showed stool black.

In addition, it can produce urease, decomposition of urea produces ammonia food, because the body no urease, it is possible to check by measuring urease and Helicobacter pylori stomach which is not.

Helicobacter pylori and familial aggregation tendency. This tendency of familial aggregation is actually a close contact performance.

Helicobacter pylori contagious?

Chinese people are unlikely to implement Dining System as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea and other countries, the use of chopsticks, spoon phenomenon within the family rarely, so long as there is one person in the family infected with H. pylori, it is easy to eat by the dip in chopsticks, saliva on the spoon, spread within the family.

Unlike other infectious diseases such as the spread of infection is high, menacing, but in the long-term cumulative process, it can easily lead to family gathered. So now there are some scholars believe that this disease should treat family members together, can be completely eradicated, but it is hard to implement.

2015 off to a news report, a half years old child has a stomach ulcer bleeding into the hospital, the doctors wondering why such a small child will get ulcers?

Later I discovered that the child's grandfather is fed to the child when it is the first meal after the final chewing broken in feeding their own children, and his grandfather just had an ulcer, resulting in the spread of H. pylori to the child's stomach , resulting in the occurrence of gastric ulcers. It is not difficult to see that this kind of mouth feeding habits how terrible.

Ulcer diet should pay attention to?

The results of gastroscopy Xiaoming came out, there are indeed gastric ulcer, and urease test is positive (+ proved Helicobacter pylori infection.

Wang Xiaoming took the list to ask the doctor, they have a gastric ulcer is not to diet, only a porridge or bread and water?

The doctor smiled and said, suffering from gastric ulcer, although certainly there are some things that do not fit to eat, but they do not live only on bread and water of the porridge.

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