Qian Kun Investment: still repeated short-term correction is not sufficient

Updated: October 19, 2015  Views: 45
Qian Kun Investment

Monday the market showed a slight adjustment of the trend, the two cities opened higher in early trading after the market opened around the previous day's closing level basic fluctuations afternoon GEM lower volatility, intraday sell into, but half an hour late to recover the stock and shock, the day the two cities are close a small Yin, the amount of energy a slight decline.

Column prompted two days of this week, investors should consider the rallies to lighten up, short-term market is facing the first four waves to adjust the requirements, today the market closed out Yinxian, albeit small, not enough to explain such a small Yin soon adjusted. Column that the market has closed lower this week, may be adjusted, the first four waves adjustment once launched, can not be completed Yinxian, so after a few days the market still continue to adjust or repeated demands, the ideal situation is can continue to decline, adjusted to later this week, if the week can significantly adjust down, then the next week you can end adjustments continued upside the upper operation suggest that investors remain moderate position on the sidelines, being not recommend blind Opening. board stocks rose far behind the GEM, once adjustment start, fall mainly those before a large range of oversold stocks rebound, small-cap stocks, the Shanghai index will be relatively resilient.

Intraday new energy vehicles plate strength, brokerage stocks also have some performance, compared to other sectors, brokerage stocks are oversold rebound serious and small plates, their short-term strength is a compensatory growth, investors can focus on stock selection motherboard rally behind variety, and if oversold stocks retreated this week after a few days by a big margin, you can once again bargain-hunting approach.

Position control: 50%, let us wait and see.

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