Are discuss the game should be a crime to pay

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'Follow online training guts to kill' just see this hot news, small series still think this person will have a mind to how long this idea result the two main characters actually have 16 and 18 years old, supposedly has mental development to a certain level, and was able to make such a heartless thing. Although occasionally broke the previous twelve similar news, but this is the first small series to seriously look at the game with the crime problem. 'emulate games homicide practice guts 'of such events, the game is the pay for the crime?

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Born from an electronic game that day, the debate is not stopped. The early theory of electronic heroin, has played only secretly at the time of the game development industry. In recent years, foreign media reports of shootings, one after another, and well-known violent games is linked occur while domestic Although there is no shooting, but for game theft, robbery, murder, etc. Choi wins the case when those cases have led to tragedy in, without exception, make violent games become the focus of attention.

There joke says, CF in slain N circle around the earth. In reality the majority of the students CF is indeed the most talked about violent games.

Internet era, due to the violence and other features virtual environments ﹑ game content network game itself set up, not only the addicted adolescents, teenagers more violent crime to induce a considerable extent. In those cases involving young people, the network game triggered Juvenile Delinquency Habitat stubbornly high. According to the survey, more than 80 percent of juvenile cases of violent crime, the network game is the direct or indirect cause of their crimes. But there are a lot of investigation proved little to Juvenile Delinquency and the game. Juvenile crime rate decreased year by year, The game sales are rising year after year.

The extent of juvenile delinquency sometimes people feel very shocked. And they know nothing about the consequences of crime.

Sell knives can stop killing people and not directly to the violent games and violent behavior associated with. Play the game no less than one billion people worldwide, of which the crime occurred only a fraction of Contact game with a crime, can not be generalized, middle there is the impact of education and the environment. Of course, no one will want a similar tragedy, no one would want their children to play and make mistakes because the State on the good game ratings and real-name system, there are many way to go.

GTA series was banned in the country is not without reason. Gangster themes, looting and killing set free easily evoke the most primitive instincts of human violence.
<< >> Such Mortal Kombat game for profits and profits in foreign uncommon, bloody images of violence will inevitably have an impact on young minds.

Now the games are teaching bad kids, too many violent video games, and adults are not going to play, not just violence, all kinds of three concept is not correct, the child contact play an increasingly early age is low, on the phone all kinds of Causing loss of lives monasteries for children, children learn so hard, easy to bad.

The nature of bad people who do not play the game will learn bad, Young and Dangerous movie so many years is still game? Play games can vent, vent to avoid a lot of people in reality, the game right, wrong is people playing their own minds not normal, too much bloody terror, we fail to get the game to join in this lively.

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