Steel plate on four types of medium-term there is still space to develop the subject

Updated: March 9, 2016  Views: 14

Lately, rising steel prices last week strong rise in steel prices 50-200 yuan / ton, steel / hot rolled futures prices rose 3.4% / 5.6%, over the weekend billet prices jumped hundred dollars more, raw materials, iron ore prices continue to rise from 4.4 to 53.5 US dollars / ton. Thailand Securities pointed out that with the continued downstream start late start, the demand chain will bring incremental season switching of rising steel prices strong support, in Periodic steel prices are still expected to show upward trend.

After the Spring Festival, the domestic steel market prices have not risen for three consecutive weeks, and also heavy volume traded iron ore prices are climbing, after the Spring Festival has gained a total of about two percent.

According to the latest market report well-known steel information organizations 'My iron and steel' to provide the latest week, the domestic spot steel price index closed at 79.8 points, the week up 3.38%. Of more concern is that active steel market trading atmosphere, overall turnover in heavy volume.

From the futures market, at present, steel futures high consolidation, prices have accumulated tons of steel billet rose $ 90, spot market steel prices also rose to expand, especially on the weekend, billet pull up sharply, Tangshan billet P 5,6 Japan has risen 230-2030 yuan, an increase of 13%.

In the plate market, the price is fully rose. Hot rolled coil prices rose sharply, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and other places a week t price rose 30-160 yuan.

For the weekend the steel city of Tangshan billet prices pull up, Changjiang Securities pointed out, mainly due to supply and demand fundamentals and macro policy factors driving double.

Tangshan Steel Association recently released << World Horticultural Exposition Environment Quality assurance measures (draft) >> (referred to under draft), the draft measures to limit production rather strict. The draft stipulates that during the Fair Park, only steel production 50 % of the number of days up to 36 days, the additional warning measures also implement different atmosphere depending on the weather.

In brokerage opinion, steel prices are expected to continue to maintain the upward trend. Shanghai Securities said in its latest research report, in 2015 there are already some steel companies began to production, such as Hangzhou Iron and Steel has shut down production lines downtown. With supply in-depth reform side, there is no competitive advantage exit capacity, coupled with the huge financial provision already clearing, restocking downstream industry chain so mild steel industry will bring some growth opportunities. 'thirteen five' period, our average annual economic growth rate remained at 6.5% or higher. GF Securities said the downward pressure on the economy, the fiscal policy and monetary policy will continue to help steady growth, structural steel demand growth in the long run it is worth the wait.

From an economic point of view, policy and loose monetary policy is expected to continue to ease the downward pressure on the economy, stimulate aggregate demand and stimulate economic growth, the economy is expected in 2016 GDP growth target of 6.5% -7%, M2 up 13% from the point of view of reform government work report once again emphasizes the supply-side structural reforms to produce clear requirements and measures energy and increase environmental pressure Forced clearing excess capacity, in addition, the requirements and supporting measures to raise the quality of the supply side, excess industry production capacity to accelerate the clearing, further accelerate the integration process, the steel industry will continue to optimize the supply side.

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