Russian plan to set up the first three military bases in the Syrian hinterland

Updated: October 19, 2015  Views: 36

One layer of cold autumn rain. Autumn rain fade Damascus summer boil human meaning.

October 14, the Russian Embassy in Syria, the crowded, bustling. Looking ahead, President Vladimir Putin sharply portrait of President Bashar al-Assad of Syria and the national flags of each other. Hundreds of people gathered spontaneously in Syria Here, support for Russia's fight against extremist groups in Syria military action.

'Russia and Syria together with the elimination of terrorism!', 'Sincere thanks for the help of Russia,' and 'to pay tribute to the Russian government and people' ...... with all kinds of people holding banners, shouting slogans, enlightening.

However, two mortar shells fell from the sky to make all style mutations.

'There is no doubt that the Syrian army is a Russian air raid beneficiaries.' The Syrian political analysts believe that Russia's intervention is not only to restore the decline this year, government forces on the battlefield, but also to dispel some of the armed opposition supported by external forces short term, the idea of force to overthrow the regime of Bashar.

Reuters two days before the civil war in Syria understand the political and military situation of persons as exclusive coverage of news sources, the recent Syrian army and its allies would launch a ground offensive in the Russian air attack with the main goal is to recover the northwestern Idlib province and rural areas of central Hama province occupied the opposition.

Although Russia currently no plans to send ground troops to go to Syria, but another key ally of Iran, Syria armed personnel allegedly being transported to Syria. News from Reuters, said Iran's ground forces began to arrive in Syria vanguard, these officers will be dedicated participate in this offensive. 'They are not advisers ...... but hundreds of Iranian soldiers carrying weapons, there will be more troops arrived in Iran.' The source said that the Iraqi side will be sent to participate in this action. These troops commanded by Qassem Soule Mani. He is under the jurisdiction of the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' Quds Force 'commander in charge of this elite Iranian Revolutionary Guard military action abroad, to get involved in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and other Middle East countries.

According to the US Fox News reported earlier, Soule Manila in July this year with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a secret meeting to discuss the contents of which includes Russia since the September increase in the Syrian military deployment, how close coordination with Iran.

In addition, a Syrian military officer to << International Herald Tribune >> reporter said, Russia Founder planning to build a new military base in central Syria Hama province currently has two Russian military bases in the territory of Syria, is a Located in the northwest coastal city of Tartus naval base, and the other is located in the southern suburbs of the northwestern Latakia airport Basile Assad compared to the existing two military bases, the new base is located in the Syrian hinterland, Syrian government is also currently controlled 'Damascus - Homs - West Coast' midpoint corridor, this base as a fulcrum, the two sides will be more conducive to Syria Russian armed forces deep 'Islamic State' to carry out a military stronghold in eastern Syria action.

Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riyad Haddad said, within a week the Russian military blew up about 40 percent of the organization's infrastructure.

In addition, media reports, Russia is preparing to convene the Third Moscow talks for the Syrian government and opposition representatives at the end of the year. Then, if the fight against extremist organizations to achieve substantive results, Russia is likely to take the initiative in the peace process when the good offices of Syria .

If you follow this rate of progress, he said before the Russian military action three to four months time may be shortened. But there are some media interpreted, 'Islamic State' in the Syrian sphere of influence is large and decentralized, more to the latter, the difficulty of combat It will be greater.

Moreover, military means alone, it is difficult to completely eradicate extremism. Tit for tat between Russia and the US, separatist factions inside Syria and hatred between them are more than four years of conflict with the growing, if not to achieve political reconciliation, Syria will likely become a hotbed of extremism. Even the 'Islamic State' were eliminated, other extremist groups may also be 'comeback.'

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