"Mermaid" movie lift flight bag flight bag hot KPS Martin unveiled Shanghai Exhibition AWE

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Original title: << >> mermaid movie lift flight bag flight bag hot KPS Martin unveiled Shanghai Exhibition AWE

Yangcheng Evening News reporter Li Tianjun reports: the 2016 Lunar New Year movie << >> Mermaid box office has exceeded 3.2 billion, refresh the mainland box office records again, and movie actor carrying a flight bag to rescue the heroine of the story is triggered countless praise, pocketed the eye. in fact, the actor using the flight envelope has been implemented in real life. March 9 to 12, held in Shanghai on China's home appliance and consumer electronics fair, KPS Martin flight bag usher 2016 debut, to show the audience how humans sci-fi movie scene to reality.

After Stephen Chow directed by the mermaid << >> release, this green theme appear in the movie jetpack scene attracted a lot of attention of fans and friends have openly Secret: '<< >> mermaid in flight bag is actually in Shenzhen Nanshan real. 'March 9 to 12, the Chinese home appliance and consumer electronics Expo (appliance & Electronics World Expo, referred AWE) at the Shanghai new international Expo Center, the exhibition at CES with the US, Germany IFA exhibition juxtaposed three global largest consumer electronics show in the AWE exhibition site, KPS Martin flight bag to join hard egg appearance, KPS Martin flight bag offers free experience for the audience.

According to KPS presentation, simple operation KPS Martin flight bag, ordinary people trained short time, you can get started now, external price KPS Martin flight bag for more than 2 million yuan after tax. KPS Martin, recombinant New Zealand after aircraft Corporation, Martin flight bag rapidly and successfully carried out dozens of flight safety, flight safety has reached the standard. December 6, 2015, KPS Martin flight bags in Shenzhen completed the first public flight of the Chinese territory, momentary fame.

It is understood that KPS Martin flight package provided by dual ducted fans power, it can take off and land vertically, fast forward, is divided into Professional and Personal Edition, a revolutionary flight solutions to industry users and individual users, its cool appearance also led many technology enthusiasts praise. KPS Martin endurance flight bag for 30 minutes, the maximum airspeed 74 km / h, ceiling 914.4 m, maximum takeoff weight of 320 kg. KPS Martin flight envelope has been << Times >> magazine as one of 2010's 50 best inventions. 2016, KPS KPS Martin will accelerate the flight envelope of the market, according to December 6, 2015 KPS Martin flight bag Chinese site posted the first flight operation plan , KPS will continue in the country to establish Iron Man club, ordinary consumers professional training and qualifications of flight issue quickly, the general public will be able to join the club Iron Man, flight experience flying fun editing package: Qing bamboo

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