Secret: Why do people overseas Total discrimination

Updated: March 9, 2016  Views: 9

I preface:

Recently I saw a lot of news about people traveling overseas frequently robbed, overseas university students were killed, and a variety of being bullied. This is simply not say discrimination, but contempt. When we are angry at the same time, whether in order to why is there such a problem? Here are some examples I gathered.

Student being bullied and discrimination

It looks like a tall students on vocabulary, but for many Chinese students, Chinese, overseas Chinese in other parts of the world is an obvious derogatory term when the foreign school groups most likely to suffer discrimination is with 'China' and 'Chinese' groups, such discrimination often comes from the classic white 'Western discrimination'!

That is why Chinese students in real life will always encounter some incredible things:

(1 'down the street when he heard the sentence: f * cking chinese' overwhelmed with unexpected situations.

(2 if, when someone gives you say 'hello', do not reason, pretend to understand.

(3 Chinese man said to me, pretending I did not understand, Japanese responded, and he immediately changed, a lot cheaper to sell me.


These problems are elders to teach students Chinese students rookie-level experiences and lessons learned, because foreigners do all this just to ensure that before you cheat and rob you ensure you are a Chinese person, if you are Chinese people rarely police and some artificial Chinese people record straight. As long as you and 'China' and 'Chinese' is linked, the trouble will come invasion. Therefore, most Chinese students are 'loaded Japanese'!


Robbed people traveling overseas

China Jiangsu tour group robbed the airport, look for the Chinese people of Western criminal gangs!

March 2013, the Chinese Embassy in France received the Chinese complaints from tourists, 'The first day, the first station, Charles de Gaulle came to eat dinner in the restaurant went out, that is the whole team was a gang robbery with violence, three people carry bag robbed, minor bodily harm, the sight of blood ...... 'tourists very fact explains, three people including our leader Mr. Yoo carry bag pulled off. Mr. Yoo who was also beaten on the ground, the glasses are a fly , also broke the nose.

It is reported, the group leader of more than 20 central depository passports, airline tickets and some cash, property looted. I am the leader of the face, waist by a slight skin trauma. It is understood that the recent period, France has more than Chinese tourists was robbery occurred the case China has become the face of Western and Chinese accent each gang robbery target, because I think we all know - who more cash, then robbed not the police, the police do not want to alarm after tube Chinese people do.

Behind discrimination is jealous

In fact, Chinese students studying in foreign countries, the results are better than Japan, South Korea, India, students, even in English, Chinese students better. However, because of this, will lead to greater exclusion annoying. Japanese the same is true, Japanese hate the Chinese people speak fluent Japanese, he began to compliment you, but when you frequently discuss with him in fluent Japanese issue, Japanese will show great resentment, they will use from time to time English remind you that you let him disgusted Japanese, Chinese people did not realize this.

We can say that Chinese people learning capacity, but without their own ideas and unique place, learning a foreign language, too, he kept the emphasis on learning authentic British English, American English, other advanced countries in the world that the Chinese people hate , learning is so good, just to prove they are better than other countries, even the people up sparing seen Chinese people are discriminated against in the Western world is obvious.

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