On Li Sheng Jin: Do you want to chase after early plunge in gold to emphasize rebound!

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When the commitment can not redeem the time, all the tables are tenuous determination, are pale, like the Fed rate hike, like, cool everyone's heart. And this problem affects associated with numerous news, Employment vulgar, unemployment climax, all to raise interest rates endless imagination. want to hike a few people who are fishing, I saw the thief thief beaten meat seen, can sometimes Bo callback, endure but it is tile, and you want to get the wrong person. gold skyrocketing interest rates that is determined Bouncing table, or on the future rate hike before the perfunctory? more terrible than fear is fear itself, up The grounds are up, down and down pretext Hardships never, abjection Phoenix as chicken, people just get used to cry for the climax, no vulgar ready to cheer!

Last week, gold once again high-crazy climax, the price of gold hit a 1191 high point of the position, continuing to rise from 1105 lows, has been nearly 90 dollars in gains, midway up each time accompanied by deep retracement , and after the temptation retracement has become the biggest trap, seemingly deep tone but it is better to sudden, people have not the slightest enjoy classic retracement, it has become the object of being harvested. Gold rose from 1151 weeks $ 40, finished lower on Thursday, at the beginning of jobless claims after record lows in the background, basically rely on temporary rise in the preceding paragraph, at least, is now a strong short squeeze of rising restraint.

Hike, has been regulated by the market price as a bargaining chip, both from 1070 until 1300 to fall a few months Yindie, or the continued rally, payrolls rose poor performance achievements of this period, and jobless claims fell but the end of this round of increases. But the Fed to raise interest rates expected to heat up and cool down to become understood that the market volatility seems to pale but strong basis. People used to use past data and linked to the market, as After he did not seize back some face sad reminder. too dependent on the analytical data can only review the past, the future is difficult to draw the line.

This time, no past active silver, and gold bulls all but bright blind eye, the author has published << Friday Jin Li Sheng s: bright data helped the dollar, gold is expected to rise after the first transfer >>, the article pointed out rebound in 1182-83 fell in early trading high point is the pressure point, short-term price of gold is expected to continue down late Thursday disc pulled no high point in early trading Friday on the continuation of this decline, though prices drop a little of the past stimulation, volatility is small, poor, again after the United States ushered in the matching period a rebound 1184.1 cut, although the fall from week online does not affect the upward trend of the future, but in the short term it was able to ease the tension. This Perhaps many people round up smoke and mirrors, Sidongfeidong, slowing the pace of consolidation will be re deranged thoughts of finishing.

Dollar, fourth adjacent areas 94-93, and nearly half are not out of the shock of the box, the dollar continued upward from 96 Yindie also push up part of gold, since before the Fed officials stressed the strong dollar on inflation downturn and the impact of imports and exports constitute the dollar continued to plunge even lower lows, arrived in buying long-intensive region, while gold rose as the dollar has also been a counter retracement this year to raise interest rates substantially continuously is cooled, the end of the message gold bullion per year can be considered a climax stage, plus the history of the light at the end of the rate hike is relatively small probability, while the probability of employment rising again be reduced. This will give the next medium-term gold up to lay a foundation, must be weekly, monthly k line up momentum unabated.

Crude oil on Friday retracement lows near 46 ushered in a position to rise, and did not follow the gold exhibit weak side, the position of the probe to 47.50 highs, the current daily continuity rebound basic expectations and judgment in light , then the short-term retracement will continue to bargain intervention based, it is expected to have a high point retracement confirmed after oil prices break through the triangle from the end, and continued to rise after the retracement of 50.90 to reach the callback none too strong rebound, days 46.50 is expected to continue upward pressure to seek short-term look to 48-48.5 line. While the recent oil price volatility is small, but the fluctuation of more rational, unlike gold crazy roller coaster repeatedly pulled up, so a lot of people a day will see one more would be bearish become a wok ants, oil retracement of 46.50 to close more than a single line layout based, while the radical 47 is a good point, the direction of the road is not afraid away, always want to wait for the best, the lowest point, often continue to say goodbye and profits.

Fun is not in the hands of people, in people's eyes, someone in the investment process, always backwards to move forward, to see all the tears and remorse over the past, the market will always need both shepherds also need butcher, The consequences of not participate in politics is to be as good as your people rule, the consequences of obsession is to be conscious of who harvest! flowers with fragrant incense in the air, but its ultimate task is to give ourselves to you, the author of his own ability to lead the you, but my ultimate goal is to bring you profits! teeth often bite his tongue, but they are still good friends, do not deify your expectations, robust performance is not timid, but afraid to hurt the fragile missed you!

Gold rebounded on Friday after 1184, and not much performance in the early morning hours hitting a 1174 low of continuity, days after the 1178-80 rebound pressure need to focus on the line, dropping the rebound is expected to have a test of demand, and the first bottom concern remains 1172.5, which is pulled up from 1164 record high after another starting position, as well as the position of 1168, the limit point in the 1164-65, the probability of crash days not too much, however, temporary retracement confirm trend is still mainly based on the first, after four hours in terms of price on Friday wearing a 5,10 average, and did not receive this top position, but retracement breakdown again. Recent Quotes everyone It should be easy to find, just chasing a single basic to catch up with the ditch, hanging on the tree, thought to drop down when he first entered the air on the bottom, up to the time that peaked after just more on sideways The slump. to strictly formulate their own plans, like last Thursday there will be a strong rebound in 1175, on Friday stressed that there are retracement 1182-83, even though it will not stop chasing a single select the same firm.

Intraday strategy:

1: The gold rally near the date line position in line 1180 line empty, stop 1185 can still below look to 1172-68, when the depth of the cut line to see to 1167-68 plunge in early trading no more than a good thing, they must not rush to chase. single, 1172.5 is the primary support.

2: 47.00 after crude oil retracement of the radical daily 5-day moving average line more directly, the sound and many other nearby 46.50, to 45.80 as the boundary demarcation point, above the short-term view to 48-48.5, extreme positions 49 to retracement do Multi-based.


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