Increase the vitality of enterprises for innovation support

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October 14 afternoon, located in Kunming, Yunnan's economic development zone within the power of cloud research center laboratory, the Minister of Science and Technology Information Department of cloud power Zhang Haifeng, pointing to a running test four or five diesel engines to Europe Ⅴ << Economic Times >> told reporters: 'This is what we are developing tests Europe Ⅴ emission diesel engine, they are at least 1000 hours of continuous operation, and some even reach 10,000 hours to test a variety of data, such as exhaust, noise, wear resistance, etc. of the present. This DEV Series Europe Ⅴ emission diesel innovative technology at home and abroad are leading. '

In the diesel engine industry, within the power of cloud known as domestic small-bore multi-cylinder diesel engine leader, General Manager 杨永忠 he said: 'The company's technological innovation aimed not relax, in light trucks, pickup trucks, agricultural vehicles, diesel car field vanguard position in the country In the first half of this year reached 96.35 million yuan profit, the third quarter is expected to exceed billion. Technical innovation so that enterprises get the benefits of growth inexhaustible power. '

Since last year, Yunnan Province based on their actual development, actively implement the innovation-driven development strategy, has developed and implemented a series of strengthening the scientific and technological innovation and achievements of supporting policies and measures, efforts to create a favorable policy environment and institutional environment, promote technological innovation and economic and social development The depth of integration, stimulate innovation and vitality of the private economy.

Last year, the Yunnan provincial financial arrangements for building an innovative action plan Yunnan special funds 1.33 billion yuan, an increase of 31.9%. Organization and implementation of major science and technology projects 168, channeling funds through banks and finance social investment projects 12.32 billion yuan.

Enterprise is the main body of technological innovation Yunnan select effective, high-tech, growth potential of corporate priorities to be supported, high-tech enterprises in Yunnan province last year, sales revenue reached 223.3 billion yuan, an increase of 19%, the economy has entered a new normal Inverse strong growth potential for the province's steady economic growth has made important contributions.

Yunnan policy while strengthening technological innovation platform, as of last year, Yunnan Province approved the State Key Laboratory of four, finds that 38 provincial key laboratories, Provincial Key Laboratory Breeding target 13. The province's total selection of 15 leading scientists, the introduction of high-end scientific and technological personnel 92 people, a total of 115 workstations academicians and experts.

By taking these measures, Yunnan Province has made remarkable achievements in promoting scientific and technological innovation and transformation, the development of strategic emerging industries, the development of the plateau characteristic agriculture and promoting other aspects of biomedical science and technology innovation.

Under the policy guidance to encourage, BGI settled in Yunnan, Yunnan BGI set up in Yunnan build domestic first-class genomic information data storage, processing and analysis center, and next-generation sequencing platforms, bioinformatics analysis platform. Relying on your research Platinum Ltd. Construction of 'precious metal utilization, State Key Laboratory of Advanced Technology' has become the new found national key laboratories. precious metals industry technology innovation strategic alliance, edible fungus industry technology innovation strategic alliance included in the national industrial technology Innovation Strategic Alliance pilot.

In the high-end equipment manufacturing, multi-cylinder small cylinder light diesel engines, light type automobile engine connecting rod market share of the first, large-scale railway track maintenance machinery and equipment of the domestic market share of 80%, a large hub airport baggage handling system developed to fill the gap.

A number of scientific and technological innovations leading domestic level access to applications, and effectively promoting the technological upgrading of traditional industries. Aluminum power control technology, indium-lead-zinc complex sulphide ore dressing and smelting mining resources comprehensive utilization of key technology reached the international advanced level, high concentrations compound fertilizer, POM production technology and equipment level of the leading domestic.

The flower industry is a major feature of industry in Yunnan, last year, Yunnan flower industry output value reached 38.85 billion yuan, total exports 250 million US dollars. Cut flowers production accounts for more than 75% market share, becoming the nation and Asia's largest production and marketing of fresh cut flowers center.

The rapid development of the flower industry, both thanks to the unique natural advantages, but also thanks to an innovation-driven, according to statistics, the 'Eleventh Five-Year', national, provincial science and technology plan project to support the flower industry more than 100 projects, funding of 138 million Yuan, the implementation of a large number of technology projects significantly enhance the innovative capability and competitiveness of Yunnan flower industry. At present, the number of independent Yunnan breeding new varieties of flowers has reached 419, research and development of new varieties of species and varieties rank first in the country, become the country's largest research and development base of new varieties of flowers.

Longjiang Yunnan Provincial Science and Technology Department Director, told reporters: As long as we strengthen confidence and constant innovation, the pace of technological innovation in Yunnan will go faster. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.