British think-tank: RMB as an international investment currency still 7--10 years

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British think-tank report: RMB as an international investment currency still 7--10 years

Great wisdom AAStocks Newswires October 19 hearing, UK Trade & Investment has recently released a report, the latest research shows that financial services institutions expect the yuan five years to achieve full convertibility of the British international use of the RMB continued to lead.

Commissioned by the UK Trade & Investment report written by the Economist Intelligence Unit << delicate moment: the renminbi as the currency of the global investment outlook >> recently in Beijing officially released the study coincided with the recent stock market volatility, the report brings together domestic and international finance. service agencies for long-term use of RMB internationalization perspective and explore in order to meet the renminbi become a major international investment currency, the measures taken urgently.

Domestic and foreign respondents said that the RMB as an international investment currency still 7 - 10 years of research has revealed the face of changes in policies, laws and regulations, financial institutions are still facing problems.

The main contents of the report include: 1, despite the recent market volatility, global financial services organizations think the next three years, the onshore equity transactions will become the fastest growing areas of internationalization of the RMB business development, 2, foreign exchange transactions will be the growth of RMB transactions one of the fastest in the field, 3, financial services companies expect RMB business and earnings continued to soar, 4, the London Stock Exchange continued to lead the worldwide RMB product innovation. Among them, the London Stock Exchange has launched 35 kinds in its market RMB bonds.

Global foreign exchange market in London accounted for 41%. As more and more Chinese enterprises continue to bring a wealth of experience in the yuan trading, Britain will give full play to its advantages, further promote the process of internationalization of the RMB in use.

British Ambassador Wu Cabernet (Barbara Woodward), said: 'As the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne (George Osborne) said during a recent visit to China, the yuan trading in a dominant position to consolidate the UK, is the primary task of the British government Government and industry have to be committed to this. The Economist's research report shows that government and industry, there are many aspects need to be further strengthened, the UK and China to mutual benefit consumers. Britain has advantages in these areas. '

<< >> The Economist Global Business Review editor Wu Chen said: 'The release of the white paper brings together a number of two hundred research results in China and international senior management personnel of more than 10 industry leaders who develop the renminbi in the report. road post comments and observations, including the People's Bank of China [microblogging] relevant officials. The authority and time-sensitive investigation report will help us to better understand the potential to become a global currency the renminbi. ' Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.