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Social networking sites in a variety of 'Help Forward' for help information, you have not received?

In particular, some on with maps, are 'sweet and innocent children, endure pain, who stuck the needle, dying, parents kneeling cry for help, to show the real, also disclosed the names, medical records, bank card number and other information ......'

To tell the truth, who put it all seems worried!

As an actor Li Xiaolu, two days before the microblogging also encountered such a thing ......

This is Lu Lu has been transmitted on a 'a two year old baby was diagnosed with neuroblastoma' fundraising microblogging. Entitled 'Hope hope baby rehabilitation' accounts drying out the photographs of the children in the hospital and diagnostic reports and with the text seeking donations.

Lu Lu forwarding this microblogging, and quickly hit the other side of love money account, but also the message said: '!! Hope the baby to get well soon paragraph Alipay, remember that everyone check it Bang Bang'

However, an hour later, Lu Lu asked again to the status of the child's friends, saying that the other party to leave a phone number, to facilitate understanding of the recovery of the sick child, but no response from the other side, but also help remove the microblogging soon after.

Then, there are users of the original Bo message noted the fact that the child is sick, but the child's parents, but someone else, the users of the suspected fraud, while the child's mother is also true micro-Bo said, recommended that Li Xiaolu deceived users alarm .

Today, Lu Lu made a micro-blog, feel kindness received a million points of damage ......


In fact, Lu Lu was not the only star cheated. Many entertainment stars have encountered a variety of scams, but the amount is not small.

Tang Wei

Tang Wei in January 2014 during the Shanghai working experience of telecommunications fraud, the suspect was cheated of RMB 21 million yuan, when the whole crew have received fraudulent messages, only the goddess gun ......

Yu Xiaofan

December 2014, 'Wanjun' received a telephone fraud when Yu Xiaofan filming in the mainland, the person claiming to be the 'Shanghai Public Security', alleging fraud cases involving Yu Xiaofan, must monitor their deposit accounts to deposit she would go to the designated account, Yu Xiaofan total remittance transfer through the network six times the amount of up to 800 million yuan.

In addition, like ordinary people, more star cheated, because they believe the acquaintance ......


Joke has admitted that they have been lied to friends, she heard the words of a friend spent more than ten million purchase of a set including desks, cabinets, chairs, including rotten furniture, 'It was a friend, saying that imported furniture, the use of the wood, etc., to ensure that no deformation does not fade, but buy a home less than a month, the problem is a lot, even the tables are placed uneven, with a table leg is also deformed, 'but because this furniture is a good friend introduced nor good to say anything.

Wang Likun

Olympic champion Xiao Qin Wang Ti's former girlfriend officials lied to parents is to help people buy low-cost housing and cars, citing fraud Luo, Wang Likun, Yang Wei, Yang Yun and many other sports stars totaling more than 58 million yuan, more than two million Hong Kong dollars . According to the police verification, Wang Wang Likun been cheated 1.918 million yuan, Wang Likun know until Wang was arrested before the report.

Jackie Chan

In 2009, Jackie Chan successfully transferred through intermediaries with a 2008 Bentley sports car model, middleman approached on behalf of the buyer, and eventually to 3 million price of the transaction, but the transaction is completed and intermediaries after receiving the money, he and Jackie Chan playing hide and seek, either they disappeared, and ultimately her brother failed to sell cars back three million dollars.

How to identify cheat donate information?


1. Learn cheat donate kind, first with common sense and logic discrimination information.

There are three messages cheat donate.

First, images and text are false. Medical record is a forgery, or as Software P's, to the hospital to ask, did not have the people, so you send your money, image text messages immediately removed, disappeared without a trace.

Second, image and text are all true, the message is the release of family members of the parties, the money did not come in with a party who intends to give donations to the families of the patients stay in the hospital, then he 'absconded with money' this situation is the case.

Third, image information is true, the text is fake. The picture of the victim or patient is indeed sick, possibly through media reported, the party has been a relief, these years things, graphic and was out to take advantage of, or the publisher is not a party, but seen from other places, changed the name and phone number and bank account number, the purpose is 'Jiehuaxianfo' grab for their own interests.

But these are all speculation, rumor difficult to become evidence of the need for further verification.


2. false information many of which are new name.

False information is similar to the above change does not change the surface of the head, just change the name and contact details, time on the line, so check online see if there is false information like this, you can also become a reason not to believe it. In addition, the information in the keywords extracted in Baidu search to see this news website which has been forwarded simultaneously to see whether the information on these websites reliable sources, whether they are officially released.


3. Search for related news, if there are reports of this event, in addition, the history of news and information is also important.

Assume that this information is true, then in the newspapers is likely to be signed out similar reports (news reports said here must be the official release, a reliable source of information, you can look for similar historical events reported.


4. There are also rumors network information.

Sometimes cheat donate the contents will not stay too long, because the more people who deceive, the easier he eluded capture, the more likely to be identified. Cheat donate conduct information dissemination and rumor, probably around the foot thing. Look look at the reviews or feedback below, we have contributed over who will tell you the truth.


5. really would rather send a wrong message, and do not let a false information.

From forwarding behavior, the small north aware: While we can be vigilant to ensure that they will not be deceived, but it can not guarantee the people around because of their trust and believe that we spread the message! Most use false information to defraud our conscience, we can handle the cold, waiting for the truth! If the information is true, then we can know the whole story from other sources, then forwards again, but give others to give evidence, to play its due role, do not have to be forwarded immediately.

In the complex information network environment, it is difficult to see whether with a mask of hypocrisy. Good personal needs wisdom behind the information, the more the need to regulate the network information, do not let the weak real embarrassment into being used, do not let a good man heart cool.

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