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Look at the Chengdu Business Daily reported -

56-year-old beauty recently Yang Luchuan County, Guangxi son and daughter before the court, to ask them 'with Sun expenses.' The old man said his son wife came home and play phone, a noisy child on wearies, although they did not in the economic On eating the old, but there are real 'domestic eating the old' behavior in fulfilling the responsibility of raising children old man said that he has no responsibility and obligations with Sun, for family reasons, she can defer care, but the burden of raising children is definitely You can not fall on her. And before the daughter of the view that the elderly with Sun is the convention to do, if they paid a 'fee with the Sun,' is to the interests of the family.

Daughter refused the evening with a baby: energy can not keep up

It is reported that the United States and Great granddaughter Yang Huihui Gang moon shortly Fangqing daughter went to work, the children full power to take care of her mother. Yang Mei evening to give the child feeding, changing diapers, have to get up early to buy food to cook, all day long tired waist are not straight up, then discuss with the daughter by her child care during the day, at night by the child's parents with sleep Fangqing not happy to hear:.. 'You see the neighbors, which is not our grandparents with grandchildren during the day to go to work at night if the children, how can I keep up with energy! 'Yang Mei bad spade, her granddaughter and so looking forward to the kindergarten, and that they can easily little more.

I can not wait for her breath, in September 2006, and Minmin small granddaughter was born again when the grandmother Yang Mei and her two granddaughters, more exhausted, bruised and battered.

This end of the year, his son Pan sail because of improper operation was fired plants, the couple made to go to Guangzhou to work to make money, they vowed commitment: 'When we find a job, you send 1,000 yuan a month to live on.' At first, son and daughter two daughters occasionally send back something to eat and use, but has not cashed to pay 1000 yuan per month living expenses commitment.

Children divorced parents supposed to? Tell Grandma with!

After September 2012, Rati and Minmin has at school, living expenses plus tuition granddaughter spending surge. His wife had 潘珂 after work to a nearby supermarket to do some cleaning work.

Two years later, the daughter Fang Qing Yang divorce court formally to the United States learned the news, anxious straight stamping:. 'Have you ever thought, how do you separate a child who will bring??' I did not think, in this a couple of small things quickly agreed, while raising his hand pointing to the United States Yang: 'You take!'

February 13, 2015, Pan Fan, Fangqing eventually divorced, two children sentenced to custody by the Pan sail, Fangqing pay 1000 yuan per month for living expenses. Yang Mei on the couch at home, holding two granddaughter crying. Two Shortly after the divorce, and children will be interrupted Fangqing contact, never had to pay alimony, and Pan sail is often busy on the grounds, the father threw the child and mother.

Money and efforts with Sun, but also to put blame

Early May of this year, Pan sail home from the field work, take the opportunity looked at two children. During that time the flu seriously, two children had a bad cold. See her flowing nose high fever, Pan sail some distressed, accusing the mother :. '? You are how the children of the baby anyhow.' Later, Yang Mei grew more and more gas, so how can contribute their own money grandchildren, he had to endure his son's complaining May 5, 2015, she was angry Pan sail under the son, daughter Fangqing before court, asking them to pay the two January 2013 to April 2015 30 May, she raising two granddaughters incurred 33,600 yuan, 'with Sun fee.'

Court: charged 'with Sun fee' for the elderly to children legitimate

June 3, 2015, Luchuan County, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region People's Court hearing of the case officially. Ultimately, the court held that, raise and educate their minor children is the legal obligation of parents in the upbringing of their parents have the ability, the child's grandfather Grandma (ie, grandparent or grandparents (ie grandparents for their grandchildren or grandchildren, and there is no statutory obligation to raise and educate. The court also believes that charged 'with Sun fee' for the elderly to their children is legitimate.

Eventually, 法院对该案 first instance verdict, to determine the Pan sail, Fangqing monthly total burden of two child support payments of 1,000 yuan. From January 2013 to January 2015, a total of 24,000 yuan, Pan Fan, Fangqing each pay 12,000 yuan 'with Sun fee' to the United States Yang.

Recently, Yang said the United States, the son of a people over Pan sail now, because to work, it is impossible to take care of two granddaughters, they are an old married couple will continue when the 'free nanny.' But Yang Mei is still very pleased, at least in front of her son and daughter lesson, former daughter also said that the future will be more concerned about the child.

. 'Little Magic have words

While most Chinese families are relying on old people to children, but your mother is an obligation to support you, keep your children is dedication. Fortunately, the court is 'with Sun fee' is the name, do not let this 'bite housework old 'into a matter of course.

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