26 provinces nationwide volume and the use of Entrance Examination Reform

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December 4 in the morning the Ministry of Education in the Education Plan describes << >> Since the implementation of the fifth anniversary of the development of higher education in regard to aspects of the reform of examination and enrollment, Anhui, Fujian and other eight provinces have applied since 2016 using national volumes. Next year 26 State College Entrance [microblogging] will be unified national papers.

The news reported by the media to the public a misleading form. For instance, some media reports titled 'unified college entrance examination next year 26 provinces in the papers.' This impression that the college entrance examination next year 26 provinces with a coupon. Some even put '26 Province by the national volume 'fair entrance directly linked with some even think that this is fair to the college entrance examination taken a big step forward, there is such a statement: a national college entrance examination candidates Volume let Henan dawn to see the fair.

It should be noted that, over the years more and more provinces do have to use the national college entrance examination volume, but it is only according to the Ministry of Education unified national syllabus proposition only, so-called 'Gang a multi-volume' does not mean the country with the same piece of paper. Ministry of Education and the provincial education administrative departments in consultation, in accordance with national syllabus and teaching basic requirements, combined with basic teaching in the provinces by the Ministry of Education Examination Center is responsible for a number of sets made life relatively independent papers.

For example in 2015 the use of a unified national examination papers Proposition 18 provinces. But even the use of the national volume of the provinces, and some use the 'New Standard nationwide roll', some use 'New Standard National vols', Beijing, Shanghai and other places are still stuck to the 'autonomous proposition', there are some provinces some of the subjects using national volumes can be expected in 2016 after more provinces to join the ranks of the use of the national volume, the still unified proposition by the agency (NEEA) Unified several sets of papers for the provinces according to their own situation to choose. Although the quality of the papers have a further guarantee, but because of the use of the national volume of provinces still not necessarily the same, in other words, not the 26 provinces with a volume. SAT score in different provinces of the candidates still can not be compared directly. Therefore, '26 provinces nationwide roll with' what the college entrance examination is far from fair.

So if we really implement a national one volume to achieve a fair entrance? In fact, it may not be because our enrollment system has not changed. We are still practiced in accordance with the provincial plan enrollment, regardless of whether the papers unified scoring criteria are the same When the final admission of candidates in the provinces is still queued competition within this province province enrollment plan, not a unified national admission. the same university in different provinces of admission certainly different, so what is fair entrance.

Now we say let the provinces use more volumes are in the national college entrance examination reform to explore. This point should be noted that prior to 2000, China's college entrance examination has implemented a real national unity of the country with a volume proposition, but in 2004 the country began to implement ' unified college entrance examination, provincial propositions, 'the organization. the reason for the provinces proposition, but also explore the need for the college entrance examination system reform, aims to increase the autonomy of the regional college entrance examination, many local college entrance requirements autonomous proposition. So it produced a college entrance unfair statement.

So look at the Ministry of Education seems to be a bloody fool ---- come and go over and over again, to change to change back to the changed. How it does seem to college entrance examination reform makes a loss.

26 provinces nationwide college entrance examination volume really does not make sense to use it? Actually no. Mist [microblogging] that the Ministry of Education to promote the purpose of doing so is to gradually transition to genuine national one volume, but with a national roll , meaning the country is currently advancing with a volume of 2000 before it is different, the main starting point is not necessarily fair entrance. but to prepare for a deeper reform of college entrance examination.

September 4, 2014 the State Council issued << State Council Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Enrolment System Examination >> (hereinafter referred to as << Implementation Opinions >>) The overall objective of the college entrance examination reform is: 2014 start of examination and enrollment system reform, 2017 full forward, to 2020 basically established Chinese characteristics of modern education examination and enrollment system, the formation classification test, comprehensive evaluation, pluralistic enrollment examination enrollment mode, improve the promotion of fair and science before the election, effective supervision of institutional mechanisms to communicate with each build cohesion level types of education, recognition of learning outcomes of a variety of lifelong learning 'overpass.'

At that time, many experts have noted, the State Council promulgated the << Implementation Opinions >> << decisions from the eighth session of the Third Plenary >>'s 'explore recruitment and examination relative separation, multiple choice examinations of students, according to the law school self-enrollment professional institutions and organizations implement the government's macroeconomic management, operation supervision mechanism of social participation, 'there is a big gap. The biggest highlight eighth Third Plenary Session of the college entrance examination reform' recruit separation 'even dared mention mention. Since more concerns fair entrance, college entrance examination reform implementation comments << >> mentioned at most only half a step forward. The future of the half-step are embodied in the 'increased use of the country since 2015, a unified proposition papers provinces' This word on. That is we need special attention. That means understand this sentence surface proposition is likely to be a unified national college entrance examination in the future direction of deep understanding that in order to 'explore recruitment and examination relative separation' lay a hint.

This is due to the realization of 'recruitment and examination relative separation' admission mode, you must first realize national reunification proposition piece of paper. 'Admissions and examinations relative separation,' the basic characteristics of colleges and universities took part in the province no longer plan for the country by the universities directly test [microblogging] born unified admission. Candidates can directly apply for provincial university, Examination Yuan (or other independent examination bodies) responsible for organizing the examinations provided only score of the candidates by the University of combining unified college entrance examination scores and high school proficiency test scores, reference Multiple factors completely independent evaluation of the overall quality of the unified admission, here played a major role in the evaluation of the college entrance examination scores must be a unified national comparable. This admission model can break the boundaries of administrative areas and accounts, according to the province no longer admit students ranking From another sense to promote the fair entrance.

The envisaged reform pace is great. We Opinions >> << State Council did not see it in. If there is a little shadow, that is, 'since 2015 to increase the use of national unity proposition papers provinces' and 'carried out since 2015 in the provinces conditional admission batch reform' these two words, why the State Department << Implementation Opinions >> dared to push it? We have already said, is worried about the college entrance fairness because established 'Enrollment and examination relative separation' mechanism based on the admission to the autonomy of universities and big admission are no longer effective supervision of local hospital for examination. Public fear of losing this right will be stuffed raw corruption oversight entrance examination reform is still a long way to go.

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