Zhejiang Jinhua in 2015 out of writing test: There is a color belongs to me

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There is a color belongs to me

In our youth, if you are looking for a color representative of its melody, there is no doubt that thrive in the new green.

After the rain, walking in the fresh and pleasant path, watching a new green shoots just out of shell, look at a new green, picturesque lawn, let the eyes of hearts full of vibrant green. Oh! My mood is light green and fresh.

Every day surrounded by heavy work, strong learning pressures tied us, can only stay endlessly colorless classroom, watching the flying exercises, listening to the dull commentary, watching the dark green blackboard teacher list knowledge point ...... oh, my mood is dark green at this time of frustration.

Physical education, we enjoy the sway youth sweat, boys playing soccer youth filled with their blood, on this side of a group of three girls, five gang get together, their hearts tell helpless. V End difficulties would cheerful mood up, enjoy playing, all the unhappiness behind. Oh, I feel full of cheerful green.

Back home, hot meals rightly placed on the table, but also the nagging worry that their parents are gathered around the table, dinner with the family, and his brother clamor harmonious picture makes a warm heart. Oh My mood is like a cozy warm green.

Youth is so, there is the flying haunted ,, there is no choice can not be changed, there are clear laughter. Our youth grow like buds in just out of our youthful rebellion like the cactus weak, stubborn thorn, Our youth like mountains surging, courage stream, our youth, like five, six o'clock sun, our youth is that green, that seems no fear in front of unknown dangers and difficulties of the road on the green.

There is a color belongs to me, there is one color belong to the youth, there is a color description youth, yes, green, youth, green, desirable, delightful, very cheerful, that belongs to the green was young!

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