China will soon release the third quarter GDP growth rate expected to slow but not pessimistic outlook

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 29

Remittance Network News October 19 - China will soon release a large number of aspects of economic data on Monday (October 19), the performance data will reveal whether the Chinese economy further towards deceleration trend and could affect investors in Asia and the global market today. The trading sentiment. China third quarter GDP data will be released 10:00 GMT, while the release of the data as well as September's retail sales, industrial output and fixed asset investment data.

According to the Reuters survey of 50 economists in the industry, China's third quarter GDP growth expected at 6.8 percent year on year, compared with 7.0% in the second quarter further down. If the actual data is consistent with this prediction, the Chinese economy will record since 2009 the lowest growth rate since the first quarter. In the first quarter of 2009, China's economic growth but had the impact of the global economic crisis and fell to 6.2%, but then quickly rebounded, driven by the Chinese government, 'four trillion' strong stimulus, annual economic growth rate is still nearly 9 percent. But for now, almost all institutions in the industry agree that the current round of slowdown in Chinese GDP will no longer be temporary, but may be of a long-term situation.

Economic experts from Merrill Lynch and Goldman Sachs and other famous investment bank are expected Chinese economy in the third quarter year on year growth expected to reach 7% of the level of difficulty. In the meantime, China's industrial production in September year on year growth may continue to slow due to overcapacity situation is still serious, at the same time, the weakness in the stock market upheaval occurred in China and overseas export environment, but also as one of the pillars of China's manufacturing economy had weight expected September industrial output growth will decline year on year to 6.0%, compared with August's 6.1% decline further.

Reuters survey also showed that China's total retail sales will continue to decline year on year increase of 10.8%, while foreign direct investment this year, nine months before the expected increase of 10.8% compared to 10.9% the previous value slightly in September.

However, not all industry organizations are pessimistic about the prospects for the Chinese economy. Capital manager UBS Tye (Kevin Tay) said foreign direct investment growth actually reflects the decline in the housing market remains in the doldrums investment situation, but the situation not terrible, because this is precisely reflects the Chinese economy is shifting from investment-led to consumption-oriented. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.