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2015 fall semester, the International Department of Foshan, a private secondary school quietly changed: the original American education into the IB mode Reporter survey found that in recent years have emerged in Foshan, Min Xiao many international course on the characteristics of such cooperation projects. Some schools do for students studying abroad (microblogging) do better prepared to improve the opportunities for students enrolled in the world's elite, but there are some international classes in teaching, lesson plans, and foreign schools of cohesion and other aspects of a problem International class, in this 'big up' behind the name, exactly what are the deficiencies? parents (microblogging) selected for the child, the attention to what?

International Students

Description: The American education model to become IB

In addition to learning physics and chemistry, but also to study economics course, some of the subjects of the book is not fixed, but according to the student and the teacher prepared handouts local circumstances, classrooms have been rearranged, and more emphasis on class discussion atmosphere ...... this fall semester, the South China Sea is an experiment High School International Department quietly changed from the original American education into the IB mode.

Why make such a conversion? It is understood that the school set up the International Department has been five years before the partners is 'North American education', and now the partners are 'Oxford International.' The reason for the conversion of the school's International Department Director Zhu told reporters that he took over last year, the International Department, teaching partner does not form a relatively complete system before feeling, 'think of where to go teach.' By contrast, IB has a large and complete teaching system, and the school 'promising' philosophy of teaching is more consistent, so was this conversion.

The school's statement, in which the parents have been confirmed, a third-year student of the International Department of parents told reporters:.. 'The previous management is very confusing, classroom discipline mess, we can say there is no system, no experience.' Another student Parents Yang said that before indeed experiments, frequent replacement of teachers, teaching casual.

Behind the 'big up'

What are the possible shortage?

Min Xiao Nanhai before this international cooperation project class problems, whether it is an individual or a common phenomenon? International Class, in full parents' children with international standards, 'the ardent expectations behind, whether there will be a variety of problems ? Reporter survey found that the current international course on major projects for the cooperative education. school for the local public schools or famous Min Xiao, local agencies for the foreign partner institution, or have close contact with the foreign school. qualifications of partners, teaching experience, etc. directly related to the success of the project and some problems of international class main aspects.

Lower than expected level of English culture lesson behind

Studying in Foshan, a large study in institutions of Miss Liu said that in her clients, many students from international curriculum classes. One of the most common problems is that the international classes of students with plenty of time to learn English, but because there is no real English environment, or to learn English with Chinese thinking, not out of a sense of the students, on the international classes two or three years, or did not learn English. When applying for foreign schools, some students also need to find another English intensive English training institutions.

On the other hand, some international students were due to spend a lot of time and energy to learn English, learn cultural lessons become less time and effort, knowledge will be no ordinary students were solid. Reporter contacted a number of international students in the class have said, If he now return to regular classes, the estimate is not keep up because of different materials, so there is no question more general class of students.

Unplanned teaching qualifications into question

International course on whether to make students truly international standards, qualified partnership is a key factor. However, many industry insiders have told reporters that the current problems are many qualified international class.

An IB World School Curriculum responsible for teaching and research Liang said that according to his understanding, the current domestic many international programs did not get the relevant certification, but with reference to the form of courses related to teaching. Because certified requires a lot of investment.

IB schools to obtain qualifications, for example, based on the requirements of international organizations IB, prepare the hardware and software aspects of the school, which opened every door IB IB curriculum must have obtained certification of teachers teaching, school office equipment, activities are There are certain requirements and then submit application materials to the IB organization and pay a fee, after passing the examination in order to be eligible 'candidate.' After further education under the guidance of IB organization, a few years later, field trips organized by the IB qualified, to get IB school qualifications.

Long certification process, input costs are also high. Hire a qualified teacher to get IB, the current annual salary of three four hundred thousand yuan, but not necessarily be able to find a teacher. Therefore, many IB unable to obtain final certification course on students When it will not get the IB school diploma Applicants need to obtain foreign schools IB score, you need to go to Hong Kong to be eligible for certification exam test sites.

As the entire cooperation projects with other teachers did not keep up, teaching prone unplanned, no experience, etc., resulting in teaching philosophy can not fall.

In case of foreign schools apply bottleneck

In general, the students enrolled in the international class, the teacher will be the student's personality counseling, planning for future academic development, and help them apply for suitable foreign schools. However, in this session, they often encounter bottlenecks.

King Gillette Foshan Branch agencies abroad this year, the same school has hosted several international class students, hoping to apply for admission this fall, performance is not bad, but the schools did not help them to apply ideal for schools, students and parents Only recourse to outside agencies, and ultimately catch the last train well in school abroad.

'The key is to handle school teacher study abroad programs are not enough, experienced enough, information is updated fast enough foreign institutions when applying for school admissions standards, completeness of information, whether or not to submit papers enough to understand. For example students A-level results in more than 100 countries can apply for the school, but the international class teacher really only familiar with the respective country's institutions and professional, if students want to go to other countries or other professional expertise, then this time will be very passive . 'The agency official said study Consulting.

The official also said that some international partners class strength is not strong, the strength of the foreign institutions contacted correspondingly poor, the partners of the students sent out, you can charge a commission of foreign schools, but not necessarily the most for students of colleges and professional.

Expert advice:

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Choose the right course for children

Many industry insiders have said that if the children have to study future plans, parents need the current bilingual classes, international classes, and a high degree of acceptability of the world's major curriculum more in-depth understanding. Not just directed at the characteristics of foreign language teaching and newspaper Reading, international curriculum chosen to suit the actual situation of the child, to play its advantage.

For example, IB curriculum of English is very high, through the IB apply for admission to foreign universities score, you need to write a paper four thousand words. And if the test A-level, a good basis for Chinese students in physics and chemistry, often can test the relative good grades, plus IELTS (microblogging) or TOEFL (microblogging), then the English requirements are relatively lower, is increased chance of the schools admission.

When enrolled international classes, parents and students to be the best for the future of learning has a long-term goal, at least in the professional category, is engineering, science, business, or art classes, which are relatively clear direction, the school can not rely solely , usually have more accumulated knowledge in this area, more communication with students studying abroad, the preparatory work done in advance as possible.

In addition, if found that enroll international class does not meet the expectations may be considered directly abroad. Some countries education expenses, not higher than the international classes. Currently international class annual tuition of about 100,000 yuan, while the Toronto Public school, international students annual tuition of about 13,500 yuan Canadian dollars, equivalent to about 65,000 yuan, the cost of living is about 10,000 to 12,000 yuan Canadian dollars, equivalent to RMB 48,000 ~ 58,000 yuan.

Do not be confused foreign faces

Foshan City Board of Education, the experts said, high-quality international curriculum classes, students can indeed do better prepared to study abroad, to give students a good transition, but it does exist good and bad situation. Parents do not be fooled by foreign faces, foreign teachers may not be able to teach foreign curricula. let Chinese students to learn international course, in addition to teacher familiar with international courses, but also to understand the situation of Chinese students, Chinese students to understand the psychological, to do the role of a bridge and guidance. Such The teacher is currently very small. When parents choose international curriculum classes, may pay attention to partners in the past school experience, teacher source.

Foshan, a person in charge of international class Min Xiao said the school can become a test point of international courses, but also a sign of a measure of its strength. For example, parents can pass the Cambridge exam center to find out what A-level courses domestic test centers, to understand what a high quality international course project. Another example is the organization's official website by IB, IB schools qualified to understand what to avoid ineligible for admission to the school. (Reporter / Huo Zekai Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.