Holly Futures: beans difficult to have unilateral movements

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 52

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Weak spot premiums and discounts, traders fear the decline in Chinese demand, CBOT soybean futures ended lower on the 19th. November soybeans closed 891 cents, down 7.25 cents to 900.5 cents highs, lows 890.75 cents US Department of Agriculture report appears in the October 18 the week, the soybean harvest was 77% growth. weather conditions should allow many farmers in the next week or so to complete the soybean harvest.

Farmers have been reporting during the harvest soybean yield, further increasing the already ample global supplies. December soymeal ended $ 310.8 / short ton, down $ 1.2, $ 313.3 high point, low of $ 310 Soybean domestic market is expected to maintain 3900- 4000 continue rangebound, soybean market volatility around 2650-2700, difficult unilateral movements.

(Source: Holly Futures)

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