MBA Attention: James, Nike signed the most expensive contract for life

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This is the largest contract on Nike's 44-year-old athlete with a single sign, it will surpass Durant's '$ 300 million' and become active players in the NBA most valuable sneakers contracts.

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Beijing December 8 morning, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer << >> reported, NBA star LeBron James and Nike signed a lifetime endorsement contract subject to safeguards, the specific amount of the contract were not disclosed.

But informed sources, this is the largest contract on Nike's 44-year history with a single athlete signed contracts whose value 'several times' in Durant and Nike signed last year, Thunder star Kevin Durant with Nike He signed a 10-year $ 300 million contract, was the first astronomical history. In other words, according to the 'several times' calculation, the amount of new contracts James at least $ 600 million, will become active players in the NBA the most expensive shoe contracts.

According to ESPN, he said this is the first time in history for athletes, Nike sent lifetime contract, the brand had no precedents. While Nike and Michael Jordan's cooperation akin to 'spend a lifetime,' but not in the name of the contract trapeze lifelong contract. Given Jordan the brand's success, will not rule out the Nike LeBron brand independent operators to maximize the commercial value of the Cavaliers players.

Nike and James cooperation began in 2003, when the US brands a seven-year $ 90 million contract signed James had just graduated from high school in the year of draft, LeBron as the champion into the NBA. The contract did not initially Nike to bring large returns, but with the two-time MVP James obtained during the Cavaliers team, from the beginning of the sixth generation of boots, sneakers its sales will increase rapidly.

Until after 2013, James led the Heat completed a two consecutive years, and for two consecutive years swept the regular season and Finals MVP, the commercial value of the NBA's first superstar 'blowout' - - 2013 James Nike shoes sold 300 million dollar sales up 50% year on year increase, which makes the shoes he became the best-selling NBA players.

After the return to the Cavaliers, James alive. Market research firm SportsOneSource data show that 2014 full year, the Cavaliers star boots Nike revenue $ 340 million. This data improved 13 percent year on year, the highest in the NBA players First, almost the second largest Kevin Durant twice as much. Today, James has released 13 generations boots, sneakers in 2015 which is expected to reach $ 400 million in sales.

As one of the basketball players in the world today the most influential, James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in the summer has renewed a two-year contract worth $ 47 million off the court, he has built a huge business empire - according to Forbes 2014 athlete revenue data, the Knights players last year the total income of up to $ 72.3 million, becoming the highest paid player in the league in which he OTC business income of up to $ 53 million, almost three times the salary of its venue.

Outside the stadium, the Cavaliers star endorsements revenue mainly from Nike, McDonald's, Coca-Cola and football card and other major brands. Before signing a contract for life, James may be obtained each year about $ 20 million from Nike hand, this wealthy to help them become full highest-paid player in NBA endorsements.

Although Knight has long been among the star NBA 'fishing Golden King' ranks, but $ 72.3 million in annual revenue is still the limit. It is reported that after the entry into force of this new contract, salary James derive income will exceed his salary and other endorsements in Cleveland the total contract amount. Throughout NBA history, only the retired Michael Jordan came in front of him, the annual income of Michael Jordan brand was up from $ 100 million.

In addition, the past two years, NBA a lot of big players and big sports brand signed a shoe contract.

2013, Kevin Durant and Nike signed a 10-year $ 300 million contract, was ranked first in history this summer, Adidas Rockets star James Harden brought a value of $ 200 million big contract period of up to 13 years.

Today's hottest star Warriors Stephen Curry, after last season MVP and get a championship, it skyrocketed. In September, the US sports brand Under Armour announced a partnership with Curry's contract until 2024, the Warriors players get new contracts to the company's shares. While the amount and details of the two sides of the contract were not disclosed, it is learned, the value of Durant's 'first contract' similar.

However, after the signing of the most expensive contracts with Nike, James turn these players behind. About to turn 31-year-old James Wong, the current physical condition and field performance is still good, the commercial value is still rising. For Nike, Even throwing lots of money, but this is not a long-term investment losing proposition. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.