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The first day of the Tokyo Game Show, PS4 exclusive works << TEAR Small Postman: unpacking >> production team received a video interview with Jun Postman >> << tear off small platform was originally developed for PSV works, and later against. Characteristics PS4 platform redevelopment, launched << TEAR small Postman: Unpacking >> this as inevitably from the name gives a simple but PSV version transplantation, and to strengthen the feeling of a bit of the game screen, the actual true So? If you like to see the Games as monarch by Media Molecule studio creative director and producer brought a live demonstration, it will not be there 'just reinforces what the picture' idea.

<< TEAR Small Postman: Unpacking >> production team

In the very beginning of the interview, first it shows some small Postman << TEAR: Unpacking >> The game trailer is worth noting that the trailer is completely Simplified Chinese subtitles, which represents the meaning is not self-evident ...... Music is not the king say so understand.

Two years ago, small Postman TEAR PSV version << >> sale, the entire game in the world made entirely of paper, the purpose is to allow players to feel the PSV in the existence of a real world .MM studio liked PSV hardware design, small Postman TEAR << >> As they wrote a letter to express the gratitude of players love letters. In the development of PSV version, both want to give full play to the function, and want to make a wonderful story.

TEAR Small Postman: Unpacking

Because the characters in the game are made by the paper, so the role of the game can be printed on paper, in the real world to reproduce .PSV edition after the introduction of access to the players enthusiastic response, it has become MM PS4 studio version of the maximum power.

PS4 version PSV version only as the basis for the idea, and they do not want to directly copy the game to the PS4 platform so very carefully studied the PS4 game controller. The final design of a number using the touch pad and handle light of the interesting gameplay Because with the new game system, but also to make the world a more open look bigger, one in PSV version of paper airplanes can not fly in the PS4 will have its own sky.

With the PS4 more powerful hardware performance, MM studio for a game to add more shadows and other details of the special effects, the purpose is to allow the paper texture look more realistic.

TEAR Small Postman: Unpacking

After the tear small Postman >> << creative director shows TGS exclusive content about the game developed a very interesting tool. This amazing tool can be started from a blank sheet of paper, draw the shape you want, You can freely adjust the graph edges and size, and even make Shredded or jackknife effect. The most magic lies in the paper will draw a 2D shape into a 3D origami models instantly, designers 3D models directly adjust the corresponding 2D drawings automatically adapt print after adjusting the shape game in a variety of vivid characters is a paper out of such a design. With this tool, whether it is the screen where the 3D model, or in the real world simulation game characters scene, offers many advantages for game developers.

After real machine demonstration began, under 1080P 60 frames per second, clean and fresh picture is impressive. If PSV Edition is a presence in the world within the handheld, PS4 version is a TV screen in the world, and the connection game and reality is that bridge PS4 handle. Sliding on the touch panel can be manufactured a gust of wind in the game.

<< TEAR Small Postman: Unpacking >> PS4 can use the camera to take pictures at any time, and to take the photos posted in the game world, another major feature is linked with PSV and other mobile devices on the PSV. take photos or graphics paintings under PS4 instantly appear in the game. For those who want to play the game pulled his girlfriend little friends, this is not exactly what you want?

TEAR Small Postman: Unpacking

When the handle light bar sighting TV screen, like with a handle to illuminate the game world. Handle light may illuminate a small mailman, let the ice melt, and even attack enemy in the game.

Real machine demonstration is part of the same whole Simplified Chinese, after a wonderful presentation, for several issues raised by the media, creative director of MM production team also made answer:

Q Chinese paper-cut culture is profound, considered whether to launch a game that contains elements of Chinese paper-cut DLC?

A This is a very good idea, we will consider the future of these designs

Q What utilization PS4 handle action is your favorite design? PSV to PS4 leap, there be left out of operation?

A My favorite is to use the touchpad manufacture wind design, but also to use the touchpad to draw various shapes. In other PS4 games, touchpad application is not much, most of the time just was regarded as a key, We hope that our design features give them some inspiration, so the touchpad to get a better application.

In PS4 version, PSV behind the touchpad operation is removed. Had wanted to keep this function, then try to discover is not appropriate, we can only be removed if the PS4 handle analog PSV turn the touchpad on the back, it feels very strange.

TEAR Small Postman: Unpacking

Q Can you describe the development of internal discussion group meeting? How to discuss the creative process of the game?

A Everyone in the team can provide their opinions, the most important is the question to be raised about the theme of the game and to be able to actually use too many opinions when will feel very confused, I do not know what the opinion of the adoption. So PSV version of the theme is to create a just world in the hands of you, all designs must comply with this feature. And among the PS4 version, put the game in the TV imagine a presence in the world, through the hands of The controller establishes a connection with the TV in the world. Some ideas we put the game in secret places, so that everyone to discover .PS4 camera actually makes the game's role laughs with you. hope to allow players to really follow no paper establish emotional life.

Q Are considered material for production of paper outside?

A core of the game is paper, which we must not give up. Players can APP PSV and mobile devices, their own design some other elements into the game.

Q Are PlayStation VR will consider the development of the game?

A As developers, we would very much like to try a variety of new hardware. The future will be to proceed with the development of related PlayStation VR, allowing players to create the world saw us.

Q PS4 version PSV version and which you feel better?

A two versions have their own characteristics, there is no way to make direct comparisons. Recently PS4 will use the remote play feature, holding PSV play PS4 version << >> TEAR small mailman, but it feels very strange. So the game PS4 is to handle design, and only use the handle to get the best gaming experience .PSV version like only one person to play with themselves, PS4 onto a larger TV screen will bring a different gaming experience.

<< TEAR Small Postman: Unpacking >> production team

The last stage in the photo camera, Media Molecule studio in the hands of the king of video game 'Limited Edition' Year of the Goat dolls Konami showed great interest, if we saw the little waves in their future work in the game, be sure not to accidentally oh ~ (Text: Okami

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