Wonderful "weight technique" experiments Secret

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 26

Creative Photography / Beijing News reporter Wang expedition

Dong Xiaren wrap to thick ice, dry kelp laced sand for crabs component tied enough rope, add ribs broken bones, bamboo or heavy metals mixed in Cordyceps powder ......

Means food heavyweights to weight gain is not wonderful enough?

Beijing News reporter decided by three experiments, opened to the public food in the 'weight technique.'

Do not try do not know, try surprised: Experiments show that dried seaweed in sandy rate of 23%, Dong Xiaren containing ice rate of 61%, commercially available from the Internet and supermarkets 14 crabs is not a commitment to achieve business weight. Cheap food is not actually cheap.

Therefore, we have to remind you: gain weight more tricky, expensive traps, and buy and carefully.

See B14-B15 edition cover story

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