Let Agricultural fashion, warm, fun

Updated: March 5, 2016  Views: 2

Chai Chenbo

Mention agricultural past, many people's minds will feel rustic, and now things are quite different, from the cultivation and processing of agricultural products, agricultural brand design and promotion, creative use in the agricultural sector more widely, the former 'rustic 'agricultural products have become fashionable, warm, fun.

Creative agricultural personalized, creative, fashion, brands and other characteristics, highlighting the innovation can enhance the value of agricultural products, so, in order to have strong competitiveness in the market. Creative business opportunities inherent in agricultural products, many people are being optimistic, culture bring added value to the product itself good impression. such a product set of product aesthetics and practicality in one, able to win the sympathy and favor of consumers, China's agricultural entrepreneurs will open next hole brain, so that similar ideas agricultural products another, to their agricultural products and even China has brought new opportunities, new markets, new consumer fashion.

Such as the recent very fire Keemun tea cakes. Speaking creative origin and character bean cakes specialty Keemun inseparable. Tea cake bare, ugly, and the word bean cake often studded Auspicious blessing of Chinese characters, therefore, Qimen tea boss try to carve a pattern on the tea cakes. the black tea cake press forming, and took a mold factory design pattern carved over the Lunar New Year tea cakes, tea cakes a craft born. process is not complicated, but innovative ideas, a lot of customers into the store will stop the purchase.

Companies engaged in tea plucking is very much similar to the quality of tea, similar sales channels, Tong Hang source of such small and micro enterprises, the production of tea cakes would be a creative inventive coup. Modern consumer attitudes are changing, but good they have no fresh tea, tea not only tastes better, we have good-looking, fun, creative crafts tea party can stimulate consumer interest, especially young people like adventures, more receptive to the concept of interesting products.

In Haikou, the role of creativity in the development of agriculture in greater Disney to develop << Toy Story >> << Finding Nemo >> etc., Haikou agriculture can also be developed Story >> << tropical fruits, such as a group Miss pepper coconut Island Adventure << >> << >> Miss coconut island and other anime Holmes, founder of Holmes Park >> << chili princess theme parks, the formation of industrial clusters and the multiplier effect.

We can say that creative agriculture not only meet our taste buds, more product out the taste of home, tells the story of his hometown, which also tells us that agricultural practitioners, although we do is the cause of the soil, but the eyes must not simply the earth, the stars have to learn to look at, always use new thinking to arm themselves.

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