Swiss information Bank: October 19 Forex market technical analysis

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EURUSD: 1.1400 stop at the bottom

Euro against the dollar is still in the upside momentum being. Hour graphs by short-term rebound resistance at 1.1495 facing (October 15, 2015 high). Mid buying interest remains strong. Other resistance at 1.1561 (August 26, 2015 Low points). support at 1.1087 (September 3, 2015 low) is expected to test resistance at 1.1561.

The dollar since March 2015 to maintain the trend of improvement. The key support at 1.0458 (16 March 2015 lows) and 1.0000 (psychological level support). Technical structures tend to eventually break up strong resistance at 1.1871 (2015 1 May 12 high).

GBPUSD: failed to break 1.5500.

GBPUSD remains within range support 1.5078 (May 5, 2015 low) and resistance 1.5659 (September 18, 2015 high) is formed volatility. As long as the exchange rate remains within the range of, the medium-term momentum direction unknown.

More long term, as long as they are at 1.5089 above the support structure is expected to rebound in 2013, taking overall - in 2014 gains.

USDJPY: short-term downtrend channel

Dollar higher against the yen but failed to break the downward spiral track. H graphics support at 118.07 (October 15, 2015 low). Strong resistance at 121.75 (August 28, 2015 high).

Just keep in strong support 115.57 (December 16, 2014 low) above the long-term tend to rise. Tend to gradually rise to major resistance 135.15 (February 1, 2002 high). The key support at 116.18 (2015, 8 March 24 low).

USDCHF: short-term buying interest remains weak

USDCHF slightly higher. Hour graphs resistance at 0.9740 (October 7, 2015 low). H graphics support at 0.9476 (October 15th, 2015 low) is expected to challenge support at 0.9746.

Long-term perspective, the dollar break through resistance at 0.9448 indicates the end of the downward trend. Exchange rate back to a rising trend. The key support at 0.8986 (January 30, 2015 low).

USDCAD: The next action can

USDCAD momentum remains bearish. The exchange rate is higher volatility. H graphics support at 1.2862 (July 29, 2015 low), hour graph resistance at 1.3080 (October 13th 2015 high) is expected to be tested support at 1.2862 and confirm the main trend.

More long-term view, to break resistance at 1.3065 (March 13, 2009 high) increased buying pressure tends to rise in the middle. Support at 1.1731 (January 6, 2015 low).

AUDUSD: weakness

The Australian dollar's upside momentum is waning. Ultra short-term is currently bearish technical structure needs to break 0.7382 resistance hour graphs (October 12, 2015 high) in order to reverse the current short-term trend. H graphics support at 0.6893 (2015 9 May 04 low).

Long-term view, the current downtrend end in sight yet to emerge. The key support at 0.6009 (October 31, 2008 low). Need to break through key resistance at 0.8295 (January 15, 2015 high) in order to make us cancel the long-term Bearish perspective. In addition, we noticed that the exchange rate still far below the 200-day moving average to confirm the selling pressure.

British pound against the yen: Quote pause

Sterling rose against the yen is slowly. H graphics support at 180.24 (September 4, 2015 low). There is no clear medium-term momentum, but short-term technical structure shows that the upward momentum is expected to test the psychological resistance at 190.00.

More long-term view, the lack of any middle short bullish reversal pattern tends successful Withdrawing strong support 175.51 (February 3, 2015 low) indicate sustained buying interest in key resistance at 197.45 (September 26, 2008 high points). The main support area is located 169.51 (April 11, 2014 low) to 167.78 (18 March 2014 lows).

EURJPY: higher

EURJPY trading above the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement confirm an upward trend. Hour graphs resistance at 137.45 (September 17, 2015 high), h graphics support at 132.23 (September 4, 2015 Low point) is expected to rise.

More long-term view, below the support level 130.15 to confirm the highs and lows down the middle of the state. Therefore, resistance 149.78 (December 8, 2014 high) may mark gains since July 2012 ended. key support at 124.97 (June 13, 2013 low) and 118.73 (February 25, 2013 low). The key resistance at 141.06 (June 4, 2015 high).

EURGBP: consolidation

Euro-sterling is currently consolidating. Hour graphs resistance at 0.7493 (October 13th 2015 high). H graphics support at 0.7302 (September 25, 2015 low). Medium-term technical structure shows that the exchange rate may point to the hour graphs resistance 0.7493.

More long-term perspective, the exchange rate in a downward trend. The overall state of the medium-term oversold show limited the decline. The key resistance at 0.7592 (February 3, 2015 high).

EURCHF: the lack of follow-up

EURCHF are falling. H graphics support 1.0823 (September 22, 2015 low) has been broken, but the dollar failed to maintain below 1.0800. H graphics resistance at 1.0982 (September 25, 2015 highs ) is expected to test support at 1.0783 (October 16th, 2015 low).

EURCHF is digested rapidly decline January 15 the key resistance at 1.1002 (September 2, 2011 low). The European Central Bank [microblogging] the QE program may have caused the euro against the Swiss franc continued pressure The key support at 1.0184 (January 28, 2015 low) and 1.0082 (January 27, 2015 low).

Gold: weak consolidation

Gold concussion but still bullish short-term technical structure. H graphics resistance at 1205 (June 18, 2015 high). H graphics support at 1093 (August 12, 2015 low) is expected to test resistance at 1205.

Long-term look at the major trends (see downward path) continued bearish tendency. Although the key support level 1132 (November 7, 2014 low) has been broken, but need to break resistance at 1223 to indicate that the current market is not just a temporary rebound. The main support Located in 1045 (February 5, 2010 low).

Silver: kinetic energy loss

Silver gained momentum is waning. Silver prices failed to get enough power to reach the resistance 16.46 (June 18, 2015 high). H graphics support at 15.40 (October 8, 2015 low) is expected to increase in kinetic energy will increase Silver prices will likely remain above the 200-day moving average.

Long-term, the market fell below major support area 18.64 (May 30 low) to 18.22 (13 years on June 28 low) confirm major downtrend. However, strong support at 14.66 (10 years 5 February low) So far remain intact, and the price of silver into the consolidation. The key resistance at 18.89 (September 16, 2014 high).


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