AVIC International Airlines Shanghai high-end-all-purchase proposal

Updated: October 20, 2015  Views: 35

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Sina Financial News October 20, according to Finet reported AVIC International (00161-HK) announced the termination of the proposed acquisition of Shanghai Gao Hang Industrial entire interest, because the deadline has not yet been completed the relevant regulatory prescribed in the equity transfer agreement approval of the company refers to terminate the share transfer in line with interests of the company with other shareholders, we will not have any material adverse effect on the Group's operations and financial position.

AVIC International announced in April this year, a non-wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong and China Aviation AIMHL ship, to the acquisition of the controlling shareholder of Shanghai Airlines Co., the entire equity interest high, in order to take advantage of the development of its land owned buildings used as headquarters and R & D headquarters, the acquisition cost of 207 million yuan. Shanghai Gao Hang mainly engaged in aviation leasing warehouse facilities as well as provide operational silos and logistics services. (Natural)

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