Opening of two sessions: the five key words in English you know?

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2016 two of the country (People's Republic of China Twelfth General Assembly Fourth National People's Congress meetings and the fourth meeting of the National Committee of Chinese People's Political twelfth) will be held on March 3 and 4, the opening day in Beijing .

Living in a small empire partner do not feel fine at a busy street already quietly changed? Subway security more strict, railway stations, roadside added a lot of armed police sentry, fewer cars on the road a Diudiu, seemingly air Ye a Diudiu?

Well you may just want more small series, but as in 2016, 'Thirteen Five' plan first year, the Chinese economy is entering a critical year 'new normal' after the depth adjustment and transformation, the beginning of spring's two sessions will certainly become the focus of attention, is the most important.

So in a few days, delegates will focus on the following issues on which the? Recently >> << People's Daily published an article summarizes two hot spots. We edited out the five key words, of course, is not necessarily comprehensive, just from different angles as we opened the iceberg.

'Thirteen Five' plan

The 13th Five-Year Plan period

Interpretation of sentence: economic and social development of the thirteenth five-year plan, a clear development direction of the next five years in 2016 is 'Thirteen five' plan the first year, and therefore will become the primary focus of the two sessions.

Wherein, innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing, five development philosophy is 'Thirteen Five' plan key words. How to implement, how to ensure the economy has maintained rapid growth, people's living standards and improve the general quality of national governance system modernization and governance capacity to make significant progress? how to refine the implementation of the decisions and arrangements of the central authorities, the timely completion of a comprehensive strategic task to build a moderately prosperous society? these issues will be on the depth of the two sessions.

'Along the way'

One Belt and One Roa

Interpretation of sentence: 'along the way' and refers to the '21st Century Maritime Silk Road' of the 'Silk Road Economic Belt', is an important international cooperation initiatives after Xi Jinping as China's top leaders presented (international cooperation initiative) one .

' 'Along the way' pursuit of flourishing Italian, not thriving small profit.' During the first visit to the Middle East this year, President Xi Jinping in the local media published a signed article says. Promote the 'Silk Road Economic Belt' and '21st Century Maritime Silk Road 'construction, is President Xi coordinate domestic and international situations, follow the trend of regional and global cooperation, fit along national and regional development needs, based on current and long-term vision and the major initiatives proposed since the development of strategic vision put forward, along in response to more than 60 countries participate jointly build and share the peaceful development and common development concept resonate how momentum, towards the same direction, so that the 'along the way' footprint longer, more far-reaching? two sessions will It is an important platform for brainstorming, team work.

Poverty battle

Poverty Relief

'Eliminating poverty in rural areas is the most difficult challenge to building a moderately prosperous society,' said Xi.

The rural poor out of poverty is the completion of a comprehensive well-off society's most difficult task.

- Xi Jinping

No well-off rural areas, especially in poor areas is not well-off, there is no building a moderately prosperous society. Today, poverty battle has sounded the bugle call, all localities and departments under the central unified being deployed, with clearer objectives, more effective measures , more effective action, in-depth implementation of precision poverty, poverty accurate, united efforts to achieve the goal of tackling poverty. who support, who will help, how to help? let us together through two sessions to find the answer.

Education Fair

Equal Education

Interpretation of sentence: Let each child have equal right to education.

'Thirteen Five' plan proposed noted that universal high school education, and gradually promote the classification of secondary vocational education (secondary vocational education) exempt from tuition and fees, the first card from the filing of legislation students from poor families (students from poor families) to implement high school exemption tuition and fees (exempt tuition and fees); China will improve the quality of education through (enhence the quality of education), promoting balanced development of compulsory (promote a balanced development of compulsory education), universal high school education (make senior secondary education basically universal) , students from poor families funded achieve full coverage, promote fairness in education.

Green development

Improving the ecological environment

Word meaning: to promote the formation of green development and lifestyle (green development and living models), people who breathe in the blue sky.

Now, one side is prominent grim haze, sewage and other environmental problems, while the masses of the 'APEC blue', 'Blue Parade' normalization expectantly. How to promote the formation of green production and consumption patterns, how to 'co-ordinate the production and living, three ecological layout 'to conduct a thorough energy revolution (energy revolution), will also be two sessions focus on topics.

'Guanghui is the gold and silver mines', will appear this week, 'two blue' mean? Wait and see!

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