Changsha County proposed proton heavy ion therapy center

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Original title: Changsha County proposed proton heavy ion therapy center

Net Changsha County Station 4 November News (sub-station reporter Xiong Yi) on the 3rd, Changsha county party secretary, Changsha Economic Development Zone Party committee secretary Yang Yiwen Global Medical experts met to discuss cooperation in the construction industry in Changsha County Health PPP related projects issues. Reporters learned that the health industry, once the formal implementation of PPP projects, including the construction of a proton therapy center, including heavy ions health industrial park, to the international advanced technology for cancer radiation therapy.

Proton and heavy-ion technology is internationally recognized as the most advanced, most sophisticated, most complex radiotherapy techniques, the tumor can implement the 'three-dimensional directional blasting' little hurt normal human tissues, so that maximize efficacy, it can be used to treat a variety of cancers. For a long time, to carry out only Germany, Japan, the United States and a few other developed countries such therapy. In May this year, after more than a decade proof construction, installation and commissioning of China's first proton-heavy ion Hospital in Shanghai officially opened, on behalf of the proton weight ion This cutting-edge technology in China began to use.

This year, Changsha County in serious study countries PPP project to promote policies and extensive research on the basis of field, with a number of social capital to discuss cooperation with PPP projects, initially in collaboration with the current global medical company in Changsha County Health Industry PPP project The project plans to build a healthy industrial park, the main contents include International Hospital, proton heavy ion cancer treatment centers, geriatric hospitals, retirement, real estate, medical industry software development and application of science and technology park.

At the meeting, the US architectural firm HKS introduced the overall project planning and design, global healthcare company PPP project cooperation contents and details are described in Changsha County land, planning and construction, health and other departments to count the actual work made recommendations .

Changsha County deputy secretary of the county ZHANG Qinghong noted that the PPP model to take the project to promote the health industry is a health care reform measure, project planning and positioning in strict accordance with the central policies and requirements, giving priority to make people satisfied with the wide coverage, basic , multi-level, sustainable public health and product, so that the people get equalization, high-quality health services.

Yang Yi Wen stressed that to promote the health industry PPP projects, is to enhance the Changsha County health level, creating an important measure of the level of the county's economic and social development in the national rankings to match medical and health services, it is echoed aspiration of the people, to fight for the people to provide more public decision to deploy the service. The government and social capital has been basically formed a consensus on the macro-cooperation, the relevant departments should further accelerate discuss the details, do a good job docking, seize the time to promote the implementation of the project ground to fight in Changsha County, the early completion of the top treatment centers.

Changsha County scientific development consultant Wu Jingsheng, County Committee, the county office director Wang Guoliang, deputy governor Chen Ji-wei attended the meeting. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.