Ping An One Account VS Ants Treasure and micro Public Bank

Updated: October 19, 2015  Views: 55

Text / staff reporter Ding Chao

Recently, Tencent Finance robot writing financial news to the media sector exclaimed, news smart times will come.

In fact, the robot in more and more areas began to replace people play an important role.

Wealth management, 'Robo-Advisory' (smart investment financial advisor, finance is nowadays the most fashionable robot wealth management. In the United States, have already appeared like SigFig, Wealthfront such intelligent investment platform, while at the end of August, the world's largest investment BlackRock management company announced the acquisition of start-up of intelligent financial company FutureAdvisor.

Vision back home, as well-known financial holding company is constantly exploring peace. With peace financial technology in mid-August through a new on-line account, the most striking is added to provide personalized financial management for users Online private investment advisory services, but also to catch the 'Robo-Advisory' shuttle, which jumped to the first domestic intelligent wealth management platform.

At the same time, Alibaba [microblogging] ant gold clothing and Tencent micro-public banks are constantly 'Robo-Advisory' mode implants.

Robot Money

Citibank a research report pointed out that in early September, in just two years time, the robot consultant disposal of assets has been almost zero from 2012 to the $ 14 billion by the end of 2014, and this service by welcome to degree is rising. The report predicts that in the next ten years, assets under management consultants robot will exhibit exponential growth momentum, the total will reach $ 5 trillion.

In China, the balance of treasure [microblogging], P2P and other Internet financial products have to make more and more users get the benefits of inclusive finance brought financial intelligence might become a new hot spot.

'Internet + wealth management era, not just of Pratt & Whitney, but also for different types of customers to provide customized, personalized service. One Account through the 'triple' (ie account integration, service integration, product portfolio strategy to perfect platform layout, ultimately providing increased value of wealth management solutions. 'Ping, general manager of financial technology 罗子斌 Lujiazui in an interview << >> magazine reporter interviewed he said.

Ping An One Account was born in August 2009, initially mainly in order to get through the user peace of accounts on the same platform, a user simply set the account, a password can be used safely in the banking, insurance and other different types of Network Business.

And now, an account through integrated asset accounts including deposits, credit cards, investments, insurance, loans, vehicles and real estate, etc. July, Ping financial technology and Shenzhen Qianhai Credit Information Center Corp. to carry out 'the wealth of credit' activities, to extend the concept of assets to the virtual assets can be said, One Account assets redefine the everything of value is defined as assets, can be placed in an account through the account.

After the completion of account assets information integration, one can account through a comprehensive analysis of the status of personal wealth, including liquidity, credit, insurance, etc., and based on a comprehensive understanding of the user, design a personalized wealth management solutions. As long as users are willing to put their assets in One Account account, you can get 'online private investment adviser' personalized financial advisory services.

Luo Zibin said that this One Account 'online

Investment adviser 'by the Ping An Group accumulated 27 years of this comprehensive financial data onto the big data platform analysis obtained.

Credit housekeeper wealth of wealth examination function One Account may be based on millions of huge amounts of data, 1000 + users tag on the health of the user's investment, insurance and health degree, credit health, repayment ability and liquidity to conduct a comprehensive health and specialized medical wealth. Wealth Credit butler would like is too low or too high risk when users are recommended to adjust the asset allocation ratio even able to do the analysis of credit card users in different water, telling the user may want to stop a brush Zhang cards, because of its high interest rates, or the repayment period is too short.

Intelligent recommendation engine even further to data and user interaction analysis generated in the account through an exclusive development of 'financial products intelligent recommendation engine' through big data computing to users recommend the most suitable financial product portfolio, according to the user personal investment habits and preferences continue to be adjusted, the more users with more intelligent.

As an intelligent platform, the biggest difference between a pass and the traditional account of wealth management is that it is based on user needs to provide financial solutions for the user, rather than as a financial adviser to get the product to sell to its customers again.

To provide users with solutions rather than products are 罗子斌 has been emphasizing traditional investment adviser commission from product issuers, higher commission products recommended stronger willingness inevitable. One Account only to provide users with the program, to avoid investment adviser subjective emotional impact.

'We build a platform when consideration is given to how to rectify this distorted investment adviser interests. We finally decided to remove the first product to the main program, to the user to choose.' Luo Zibin representation.

It is this idea based on customer needs to make an account through gained more and more support users as of the end of July 2015, an account through total registered users has reached 60 million, wealth assets under management more than 700 billion yuan.

Intense competition Pocket Money

August 13 peace One Account on-line version 3.0, August 15, formally launched App Micro Focus Bank, three days later, Ali's Treasure ants on the line. In today's popularity of smart phones, mobile Internet has become a battleground .

Same for Pocket Money platform, micro-public banks have banking functions, can provide current and deposit services can also be purchased equity funds as well as 'keep wages' and other products, the main financial and transfers two businesses.

Treasure ant collection balances treasure, trick treasure and wealth management funds and other three types, to achieve open up an account and network access by a few meters fund the acquisition of more than 900 funds, you can buy funds directly on the internet.

In the traditional banking channels, customers buy financial products usually have a financial planner or financial advisor will provide advisory services for users. Micro Focus Bank or, ants Treasure worth mentioning, users can not get financial advisory services. And this is a account through the main features.

'By one account through private investment adviser online, allowing users to simply spend the money a cup of coffee a day can enjoy private banking, private investment consulting services.' This is a vision for the account 罗子斌 pass.

Previously, Alipay [microblogging] the relevant person in charge has been revealed in the media before they will be put to use in the customer service robot further penetrate the financial field.

Ants Treasure Operations Director 祖国明 worked in First Financial's chief comments << >> column, said:. 'One-stop financial future trends personalized financial services through sedimentation certain users, combined with large data analysis, a station Formula Money will eventually provide users with tailored personalized financial services. '

Treasure ant newly established clearly in the user currently precipitation stage.

From the user experience point of view, ants Treasure operations are the most simple, ants Treasure can directly use Alipay account login, and out through Alipay funds transfer, do not re-bind bank card. Micro Focus Bank must bind bank card, and can not be displayed Qualcomm's financial assets.

Both an account through usage and the front has a significant difference, we must first use an account through various bank cards, bind to a variety of assets account through the account. After the completion of the binding, an account through function is very powerful. In one account you can pass an account, stop to query all financial assets, transfers, recharge, buy products are very simple, while providing a variety of financial scenarios related life account services, such as garages estimate value, my card packs. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.