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Lead: adventure has been a protagonist experience Xian Xia 'specific' link in the sandbox gaming world >> << Zhu Xian, the players are also infected triggered adventure sandbox free color, do each step of the task adventure faced with the choice, and different choices will lead to the same task multiple endings, today released << >> Zhu Xian world to produce human protagonist adventure videos, and a sandbox mode first exposure adventure game.

[Different options for adventure play Sandbox mode leads to a variety of outcomes]

>> << Zhu Xian in the world, and will not trigger qualification adventure, when the player successfully trigger adventure, you'll see the same tasks in accordance with the instructions provided multiple choice task, and each choice will affect the next and the world Trend.

Adventure ancient animal
Get animal saliva

For example, players in the resurrection of Baguio's main task, adventure ancient animal, their saliva for the media, you can step resurrection Baguio, this time, a different selection of players will lead to different outcomes.

Baguio resurrection?
Entrusted by the ghost Li went looking for Baguio

'Resurrection Baguio, save the world'

Players Baguio after the resurrection, see a ghost land two wedding Baguio away sad, players follow up to see that the impact of animal saliva magic Baguio, which probation and returned fox Qishan, Baguio King of Ghosts were inherited, together with the players to save the world.

Experiencing the magic of Baguio
Baguio Enchanted become super BOSS
Players with infuriating Probation
Baguio become ghost Wang Zongzong main

'Neglecting, desperate every students'

Should players choose not to revive Baguio, ghost Li and Lu Xueqi wedding will be held successfully, the two newlyweds temporarily ignore the current situation will be the destruction of the world, the player into a condemned, beaten out under siege, this time had for Baguio the soul of ancient animal saliva obtained have an effect in Qingyunshan, does have the opportunity to desperate every life? and then to look at the player's choice.

Nothing about them?

[Inventory adventures of 'most']

1. The most embarrassing adventures

Players follow Li ghost town and to the pond, the full moon ghost Li went well, the players asked the ghost Li from the well to see what the full moon and failed, then the players themselves to the well and looked to be an adventure to rescue the beauty, such as rescue, beauty Excellent gift may attribute 'green hat', such as neglecting, players are stuck on the ground may be hungry for three days.

As hungry for three days in the wilderness?
Players and Xueqi relax watching the sea in the east corner
Sea emergent person a sword

2. The most welfare adventure

Players follow all the way to the east corner Lu Xueqi, when two people look at the sea, the sea is now projecting a sword of the people, and sad ghost Li Lu Xueqi remember, players can choose whether relief Xueqi, such as Lu Xueqi comfort, the sword might into figurative, read their friendship gift 'Zhu Xian Jian', such as ignoring Lu Xueqi, sword in the other person may allow players to try the advanced version of the first God of Thunder Sword true tactic taste.

Feed the little ring candied fruit may trigger adventure

3. The most difficult to predict adventure

Players Lu Yu small ring, after feeding her candied fruit, a small ring to invite players to their board games, who knows just to Lazi, just pass into the hands of sunspots but woman, look next to the display board, inside all is hayang beings, which is falling or not falling sunspots?

>> << Zhu Xian in the world where players can continue to explore adventures like trigger conditions to co-write the history of the strongest adventure Raiders, does not only affect the subsequent development, it is also expected to get a lot of experience and features limited equipment, as well as exclusive title, etc. , who is more touching adventure, the rewards of it unique?

[See measure under the official news hundred percent win activation adventure tasks you Know]

Currently the world >> << Zhu Xian official website will be online 'Love Autumn attendance month', the players can go answered questions open gold chest and win luxury gift, continuous sign-month spree achievement on the 15th to get the activation code in there, oh. The topic of the current adventure is: 1. In the World >> << Zhu Xian resurrection Baguio adventure task requires ancient animal's saliva .2 >> << Zhu Xian world's most embarrassing adventure in which players get a green hat. 3. World >> << Zhu Xian players met with small rings, candied fruit gift she could trigger adventure oh.

Guards change it, you that the world

China's first Xian Xia world sandbox games << Zhu Xian >>

For more details, please visit the official website

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