DingDong intelligent speaker and New Oriental Bubble children's education strategic cooperation

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October 21, 2015, Jingdong intelligent 'chi · Union WE to' build eco · linking all strategic conference in Beijing to announce .DingDong intelligent speaker combination with New Oriental Education & Technology Group, the world's leading speakers DingDong intelligent voice interaction Intelligent technology and new Oriental rich teaching resources mass combine to achieve a breakthrough children teaching methods. The two sides will launch a new version DingDong Oriental Bubble children education intelligent speakers.

As Jingdong intelligent IFLYTEK with the common strategy to build the first single product, DingDong intelligent speakers positioned at the entrance of the future smart home. Since the launch, DingDong intelligent speaker on achieved impressive sales results. During the appointment, 5 minutes exceeded 10,000 People, 7 days a total of more than 170,000 people. to September 2015, DingDong intelligent speaker has become a sales champion WIFI Speakers category, sales of larger than 2 to Chapter 10 of and.

The intelligent speaker and strategic cooperation DingDong New Oriental Bubble children's education is intelligent hardware industry with the education of a cross-border cooperation. Customized version of the children's education foundation speakers built-bubble level, into the class textbook series, can enhance children's learning English enthusiasm and effect, through innovative interactive way to change the way of learning.

In learning to interact, adds three major features 'follow me', 'daily tasks', 'Insider' take 'repeat rates interactive' new play, that is broadcast over the speakers in English, user repeat again, the speaker gives the evaluation, to score goes next, does not meet the continued learning.

In the Follow Me function, the speaker will play the content New Oriental teaching unit contains the word, after the sentence, stories, songs, etc., speakers play, users repeat again, the speaker gives the evaluation; in daily function, the speaker will follow the New Oriental the daily tasks of (1--6 year), followed by playing every day content, users successfully complete the task repeat; in Insider function, the user speaks Chinese words, the speaker will first English translation again, and then teach Users repeat again through a variety of interactive ways to effectively consolidate the learning outcomes of children's education, to achieve the effect of Practice makes perfect.

Cooperation to launch a new version DingDong Oriental Bubble children education intelligent speaker, not only in content, software APP had a full customization, in the appearance of color shades used VI New Oriental Bubble children's education, has sufficient visibility.

It is reported that bilateral cooperation launched a new special edition DingDong Oriental Bubble children education intelligent speakers, will be available by the end of November 2015, when, by New Oriental Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan bubble children's education school, or can be purchased online mall Jingdong . The special edition DingDong intelligent speaker also dedicated to children's education provides students bubble free trial of 10,000 units. I believe that through this cross-border cooperation, as the popularity of intelligent hardware acceleration, but also opened up a new channel.

About Jingdong:

Jingdong is China's leading self-electric commercial enterprises, in wealth << >> Chinese version released '2015 China Top 500 Enterprises' in Jingdong is China's largest Internet company revenue. Jingdong provide pleasant online shopping for consumers experience through rich content, user-friendly website) and mobile clients, Jingdong at competitive prices, the provision of goods and services category with rich and excellent quality, and fast and reliable way to reach consumers. Jingdong has a huge storage facilities, the size of the national electricity supplier industry in a leading position. As of June 30, 2015, Jingdong has seven large logistics center in the country, operating in 44 cities of the 166 large warehouse, with 4142 distribution station and from the mentioned point, covering 2,043 counties nationwide. 2015, Jingdong very proud enrolled Nasdaq 100 index.

About Jingdong Smart (JDSmart)

Jingdong intelligent founded in August 2014, carrying Jingdong Group's future innovation and layout in the smart field. It does this by JD + plans to integrate the upstream and downstream quality resources on the smart industry chain, to provide users there are quality intelligent interconnection, interoperability products, so They live a simple, happy. Jingdong intelligent established an open line of page, gather user and brands, startups team, allowing users to Jingdong play smart, intelligent life experience.

About Bubble children's education

Bubble children's education is a New Oriental Education & Technology Group, a well-known brand, is committed to 3-12 year-old children to provide one-stop full-disciplinary educational services. After 12 years of development, children's education, with its bubble of professional teachers, perfect curriculum and efficient operations, has grown into China's leading brand children's education industry. Bubble (POP) is PlayOurPlay short, meaning 'play school, learn and play.' In providing quality training courses for the children at the same time, the bubble also paid great attention children's values education, penetration in teaching caring, sharing, humility, values responsibility, respect and cooperation, and strive to become a little international students to shape people with good quality.

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