Shanghai held the 23th China International Finance Exhibition Internet banking into a hot spot

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SHANGHAI, China's economy October 19 (Reporter Zhiguo [microblogging] Shanghai recently held 23th China International Finance Exhibition. The exhibition by the People's Bank of China [microblogging], jointly approved by the Ministry of Science, China Financial Computerization Corporation jointly organized 51 joint national financial institutions. People's Bank of China [microblogging] party member, Vice President Fan Yifei, Shanghai Vice Mayor Tu and other senior government leaders and business elite attended the exhibition. numerous domestic and international financial institutions to bring all class innovative products and services homogeneous appearance. It is worth noting that the show also set up a special financial issues and interconnected galleries, ant gold clothes, fast money and other domestic financial representative of the Internet companies have appeared on the scene.

In recent years, the financial markets continue to open. The state encourages the development of direct financing, reduce social financing costs, make financial services to better promote the development of the real economy. At the same time, mobile O2O set off boom, big data technology has been used in the deepening of the financial sector In this environment, the Internet ushered in the spring of development finance, and is growing by the divergent nature of the beginning of a gradual return to the financial services industry, in conjunction with the entity set foot on the road of development. CEO of the company fast money Kwan [microblogging] noted that Internet banking as a new component of the financial format, which generates growth and expansion are all derived from the development needs of the real economy. development of the Internet itself is not the purpose of financial, but rather to an industry-based, so that financial services more closely bound to the application scenario being ultimately promote the development of the real economy.

Some analysts believe that, after the initial exploration, the Internet finance bigwigs, are beginning to turn down the front, the reason is very simple, the demand is concentrated in the scene, but the line forms scene richer and more massive volume. On the one hand, the traditional online bigwigs use of capital has accelerated the acquisition of the line, trying to achieve the landing online traffic, on the other hand, such as quick money from a comprehensive Internet financial enterprises started to pay , itself under a lot of scenes with integrated line resources and deployment capabilities, combined with financial services and the scene is more natural end of last year, a hot topic within the industry is Wanda [microblogging] acquisition of fast money. With Wanda in cinema, sports, tourism and other aspects of expanding frontiers, quick money will also be more and more organic will be integrated into these types of financial services integrated into the scene, and get to the user and the massive amounts of data. It is reported that, in the fast money plan, this comprehensive Internet financial services will expand to more industries and among scenes.

From online to offline, the challenges of Internet banking is also evident. FORMS line different scenarios, demand for financial services is also very diverse. Internet financial enterprises, integrated service capability is particularly important in the show various types of innovative financial services by the Internet financial enterprises, and also won the attention of many. Among them, quick money shows comprehensive Internet financial services integration payments, finance, credit, including the application, after which together with Wanda first focus on appearance while fast money circle heat transfer super intelligent POS also debut the show and a live demonstration. Relying on the ability to integrate quick money, this ultra-intelligent POS market can support almost any payment method, It can be said is a versatile payment terminal, but also incorporates a number of buy platform marketing resources to businesses to open a path to O2O shortcut.

The 16th China Financial Development Forum held concurrent with ''Internet +' boosting financial innovation', 'Mobile banking, closer to you and 'me'' as the hot topic in-depth analysis to explore the current development of China's financial as well as future trends. current China Financial Development Forum warmly discussed ''Internet +' boost financial innovation', 'social credit system construction of new thinking', 'Mobile banking, closer to you and 'me'' and other issues, enough to appear ' Internet + Finance 'is now China Financial Development Forum hot topic. Lu Peng Zhongguancun Financial Center, deputy director, said the Internet in an interview, although there is no initiative to expand the market, but with the Internet banking has become the future trend expected Zhongguancun Internet financial platform will be carried out next year, 'proactive' strategy to its more valued in Shanghai, Shenzhen and other places. Lu Peng also said that Internet security or financial development must face the issue, current Internet banking agency consecutive, also suggest practitioners and investors, must be vigilant. In addition, the Division Jin Choi experts also pointed out that from the perspective of asset structure of China's financial sector, the bank assets accounted for 92% of the financial volume, the future of China's Internet banking is the Internet Bank. Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.