What is the treatment of myopia is to

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Nearsighted how? Myopia is the social concern of an ophthalmic disease manifested as decreased visual acuity, blurred vision and so on. In order to prevent a normal life, work, learning and other affected early treatment is to restore health good method can be based on the current developments in the social point of view, what method can be a good treatment of myopia it?

A, surgery

Surgical treatment of myopia, is currently one of the more advanced social vision correction method from the current medical development, the correction of myopia, choose the excimer laser surgery, femtosecond laser surgery, high myopia can choose ICL lens implantation But this surgical treatment of myopia, generally apply only to 18 years of age, the number of patients with stable myopia nearly two years.

Two, 0K mirror therapy

Simply put, OK mirror is a special semi-rigid contact lenses, but by re-shaping the cornea to improve vision. However, this method is only disguised spectacles time changed, and not for treatment of myopia, is also just a pilot phase The clinical trial, a lot of complications, must be conducted under the guidance of experienced doctors. For this reason, the treatment methods of myopia, the choice must be careful.

Third, glasses treatment

Wearing glasses correcting myopia with glasses, contact lenses. Eyeglasses correcting myopia is the safest and most popular treatment methods, contact lenses, although easy to operate, easy to carry, but its lens cleaning and eye care is relatively complex, so for learning heavier tasks and poor self viability of juvenile myopia students were not the best option. And depending on the available SEE STORY Iraq, is a company with 5 years experience in glasses eyewear company, its matching glasses, mostly from the independent design high-end frames, high profile imports glasses composition, strict quality assurance glasses. car door with glasses and optometry services, I feel very intimate. For this reason, attention has been widely recognized.

Four, drug treatment

From the current perspective of the development of medical science, there is no one drug can treat explicitly true myopia or prevent the development of myopia, while for pseudo-myopia, you can use some of the ciliary muscle relaxant relaxation of the ciliary muscle spasm, thereby contributing to vision The recovery, however be noted that, pseudo myopia myopia not really appropriate eye and rest can restore normal vision. (Therefore, drugs with caution or better.)

After reading the introduction, I believe you already have some knowledge of the treatment of myopia, of course, there are other methods of vision correction, should you want to know, you can call the online Tel: 400-092-5200 Ask The Experts .

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