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Sina game news on September 16 news, domestic Unreal 4 sandbox games << Magic >> (details) previously reported by the media players are concerned, a few days ago the game has logged Mount point network launched to raise the public, the public to raise the target of 100 million. For this game, the development team is given the title 'reality and illusion journey through - the first solar system sandbox games << Magic >>.' congregation raise addresses >>

<< Magic >> magic feather production team is the people using the Unreal 4 Engine Technology built a sandbox action adventure game, consultant is the famous traveler Wind >> << producer Jenova Chen. This will be included VR feature, and focus on cinematic performance to the next robot story dominant story.

<< >> As a space fantasy science fiction game that provides exploration, construction, survive, fight, cooperation and other major elements of the relevant games are played with real complex mechanical setting and movie game plan in PC, PS4, XboxOne platform Release is expected to issue a multiplayer preview version by the end of 2016 or early 2017, the introduction of a complete stand-alone version in 2018 or 2019.

Compared with today's re-login light Steam favor of the domestic game << Earth OL >>, << Magic >> For domestic players can say that has a different attitude, they are given a one-sided praise at this year's Game Show Chinajoy Kyrgyzstan Tian Xiuping SCE Worldwide Studios president live demo of the fantasy << >>, the work he affirmed (Related reading: << Earth OL >> Steam back on the shelves ranking rose to No. 3

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