Minors can you wear contact lenses

Updated: January 16, 2016  Views: 9

Minors can wear contact lenses it? With the development of society, a lot full of electronic products, so that in recent years, the probability of adolescents suffering from myopia is increasing. We all know that nearsighted, can be corrected by wearing glasses. glasses, contact lenses because of the high demands on the appearance of a lot of people will choose to wear contact lenses. However, what minors can not wear contact lenses it?

Minors, positive growth and development and, of course, the eyes are no exception. Life in the various pay attention, it will lead the eye myopia, but experts suggest that Iran, as the can, minors suffering from myopia, it is best to wear glasses for vision correction.

Contact lenses are worn on the cornea, because minors are in the growth and development period, the eye visual axis has not yet shaped. Should the premature wearing contact lenses or longer, then easily corneal hypoxia or physiological metabolic disorders and other adverse conditions. In addition, the contact lens cleaning requirements are very strict, adolescent Mind not perfect, is likely to be cleaned and disinfected lax, causing eye infection cases occur. Also glasses or song Drive and cornea does not match, you will epithelium loss, corneal abrasion, the worst case lead to corneal ulceration or perforation and other hazards that end, subject to the availability Iraq expert advice: minors, if you want to correct vision, the best matching frame glasses.

Of course, wearing contact lenses is to comply with certain operational procedures, in order to ensure eye health, however, minors, their safety and the maintenance of healthy self-awareness is weak, once contact lens cleaning is not clean, then; Wear too long; wear contact lenses while sleeping doubt it, are likely to cause keratitis, and even more serious eye problems.

Therefore, in order to ensure the healthy development of the eye, minor vision correction, it is best matching glasses. The key feature to the right glasses, regular glasses to be able to retail service providers matching. Of course, if learning tension , no time to go with it, you can make an appointment directly with glasses optometry car door service.

SEE STORY depending Iraq may, was the first implementation of optometry with glasses of one car door glasses. We all know that the key lies in optometry glasses while Iraq subject to the availability of optometry car contains a full range of medical grade optometry equipment, and its optometry Teachers also registered by the Ministry of Labour, very experienced experts as. and car contains more than 1,000 species of lenses to choose from at home and abroad. This will easily solve the problem of glasses appears in the 'optometry', 'try' and other aspects of Of course, all in Iraq, as the optional glasses user, can enjoy lifetime free service. Therefore, Iraq can depending glasses, glasses are worthy of our trust company.

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