Sun Xiaodong Milan wayfinding concept of cause: to find the critical point from the design

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Newspaper reporters Yuling Lin Milan reported

Following the August 19 brand manifesto, qoros market, executive vice president of sales Xiaodong and they took all the media in Milan, listen to what goth, vice president of Concept Car Design Talk caused car design. 'Future outlook caused by the product, the forming expressive and refined driving experience combining the unique design style. 'He goth said.

However, both before rebranding or design a new interpretation of style, the concept of cause is still urgently needed to resolve the issue sales. Although just last September, qoros on sales climbing to 1404, an increase of 197%, but This figure is still very far away from the mainstream.

Moment, the concept of cause are facing increasingly fierce competitive environment, the future could have a car fame, will determine how far it can go in China.

'The Chinese market is no shortage of product, if we continue to build a highly substituted products, it is difficult to have a chance.' Sun Xiaodong frankly, cause to find a breakthrough concept in design.

In this regard, HE goth told reporters, from March next year, the domestic outlook caused 5 SUV Start, consistent product design concept will be dynamic, more expressive design elements. These elements will be the future outlook caused by the characteristics of the product family, to meet consumer demand.

'View 5 SUV caused not only have a beautiful and elegant appearance, but also with the level SUV market welcomed design elements.' He goth said that as Qoros third product, the second paragraph SUV, causing 5 SUV concept into the current Chinese auto market will be the fastest growing market.

'The compact SUV market and large SUV market, is currently the fastest growing market, not only faster domestic growth, but also the fastest growing in the world.' He goth said, because in this area before the concept of cause is not the product, so Outlook does not actually cause into the mainstream of the SUV field.

Qoros 5 SUV Tiguan as a competitor and Escape, the two vehicles were sold over a million current month, the highest monthly sales Tiguan has more than 30,000. Grab market from such a strong opponent, the concept of cause needs its own ' killer. '

In addition to creating 'high color value' of products, Sun Xiaodong said, but also in the concept of cause performance better than the competition. 'We 1.6T two-drive product, compared with the same car, the overall performance is among the best.' Said Sun Xiaodong Compared with major competitors, the concept of cause 1.6T'll enjoy purchase tax policy, which also further enhance the cost-effective products.

Since last December to join the concept of cause, Sun Xiaodong is making every effort to 'save' Qoros summarize the reasons caused the early growth outlook, Sun Xiaodong believe is the result of a three-pronged 'visibility + auto + product positioning capability.'

Although the outlook is not much cause sales channels, however, Sun Xiaodong has been pushing the concept of induced single-store sales, while online sales also expanded in the product positioning, August outlook caused by the Declaration of Independence in Brands Publication date shouted ' 'After you have determined the build quality of the car, the policy to have an independent view of people, that is, sell it to solve the problems caused by Outlook.

'Our stylists and engineers are in communication every day.' Xiaodong said that in future product design, the concept will focus on products to create consistent consumer group needs in the short term, the concept of cause will readjust and sort all models configuration, long-term , the concept of cause to build a world-class standard.

Product strength is the future competitiveness is a key factor in causing the dilemma of whether to get rid of Outlook. Under a series of 'iron fist' policy, although the concept of cause to achieve growth, but only by the current state, is not easy to want to get a breakthrough. Currently Qoros only two products, outlook and outlook caused three caused three urban SUV, though also for the mainstream market, but not a hit.

This year's goal is to cause Outlook 3000 to do a month to complete the difficulty is not small. Next year, plans to sell a monthly outlook caused by 6000, the year after, this figure doubled again to reach 12,000. The industry believes that unless the concept of cause Late products can successfully open the market, otherwise very difficult goal to achieve.

Currently, the main problem caused by the concept or product line is too narrow, focused and above A to C + grade models. 'Qoros do great, must expand the product line, in addition to the existing platform, will also need a small car platform.' Industry expert analysis.

In fact, the early outlook caused significant R & D investment, if the expected sales can be realized, the concept of cause be able to quickly enter a virtuous circle, go to the next round of product and platform development. And because before the current sales are lower than expected, limiting the further development of the concept of cause. (edit Fan Wenqing) Get Top News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.