The second session of the "Reading China" international conference will be held in Beijing

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Sina International today informed the Second International Conference 'Reading China' by the State Innovation Strategy and Development Research Association, Chinese People's Institute of Foreign Affairs, the Beijing Municipal People's Government and the 21st Century Council (Berger Rune Research) co-sponsored the on November 1 --3 Yanxi held in Beijing International Convention Center.

In the afternoon briefing, National Innovation and Development Strategy Research Association executive vice president, former Chinese ambassador to France Wu Jianmin said the meeting with China 'Thirteen Five' planning and development strategies and the role of China in global governance and role as its theme, will have more than 40 former dignitaries from around the world, strategists and business leaders to attend.

According to Wu Jianmin introduced, the meeting topics include: Thirteen Five-Year Plan and China's economic development strategy - China's economy can continue to maintain prosperity in the Asia-Pacific order to build the future of Sino-US relations, thirteen Five-Year Plan and the rule of law, thirteen five Planning and along the way - in the New China's opening up strategy, thirteen five-year plan and optimization of global governance - all creating a community of interests, and seeking common peaceful development, China's national defense strategy - to ensure that China's peaceful development, thirteen Five-Year Plan and China's regional development strategies - to achieve a comprehensive well-off and other important strategic initiatives.

From the planning point of view issues, specific topics closely related to the session with the 13th Five Year Plan.

Wu Jianmin said eighth session of the Fifth Plenary Session will be held in Beijing on October 26 to 29 to discuss the third five-year plan proposed draft situation. The Second International Conference on 'Reading China' is the layout of the next five years China's eighteen The first high-end international conference held after the session of the Fifth Plenary Session. Wu Jianmin said that the next five years China how the layout, attention at home and abroad.

According to Wu Jianmin introduced, guests include the foreign participants of this former President of Mexico, slightly 席塞迪 Council, 21st century, research will be the main 席贝格鲁恩 Rune Berg, former Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, former Pakistani Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz, former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating and Rudd, former Prime Minister of Singapore Goh Chok Tong and other dignitaries from more than 40 countries around the world before, and strategist. Guests participating countries will 'Reading China' theme with Chinese high-level interaction. Chinese state leaders will meet The main guest, the State Council will deliver a keynote speech.

Wu Jianmin said about the 'Reading China' theme, the meeting will China's political, economic, diplomatic and defense issues to start a two-day symposium. Chinese central and local government officials and think tank scholars participants and delivered a speech.

It is reported that the first 'Reading China' international conference was held in Beijing in November 2013, former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, • 40 former political leaders, renowned scholars and business leaders attended the meeting.

The Council is composed of the United States in the 21st century investor Rune Berg, former Mexican President Ernesto Zedillo, a non-governmental forum, former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and a number of world-renowned statesman, strategist and entrepreneur, launched in 2011, founding Members include former executive vice president of the Central Party Zheng Bijian Council to the G20 to play an active role in global governance as the current main mission, regular meetings each year, on how to improve global governance to governments suggestions.

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