QDII fund the foreign exchange quota emergency collective closed thank

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A sharp correction in stock market in the second half, resulting in domestic equity fund products have been abandoned, many Democrats will turn to foreign markets investment perspective, QDII fund increasingly popular, at this time this QDII fund is a good time to solicit business, Beijing providers newspaper reporter noted that recently there are a large number of QDII funds to suspend large purchase 'closed thank.'

SFC [microblogging] announcement shows that since October 15, there are as many as 25 get together QDII fund to suspend large purchase, such as yesterday, Fidelity Global commodity theme, Prudential Shikoku configuration, mixing BOCOM global resources, pay Silver Global Select mixed, Castrol H-share index, Harvest Overseas Chinese stocks mixed, Invesco Great Wall of China and mixing nine QDII fund issued a notice indicated that they will suspend large purchase.

Flush iFinD data into after October, QDII funds overall performance gains across the board, 129 QDII fund only one product is negative, the average yield up to 6.47%. 'Since September, sales of QDII products to pick up, especially institutional and large increase customer's purchase requirements, such as insurance and private institutions. 'GF Fund [microblogging], deputy general manager of international business department, Qiu Wei, QDII fund manager said. Meanwhile, in September raised funds scale fund industry association data also show the latest disclosure , in September compared with August QDII fund size grew by 1.36 billion yuan. Since the QDII fund so popular, earnings and good, why have 'closed thank-you'?

'The most immediate reason is the major fund companies because of insufficient foreign exchange quota, in order to prevent capital outflows, SAFE approval amount of foreign exchange is very slow, leading to QDII fund worry 'no rice straw', had to be suspended large purchase. Our company Currently a bit nervous, but also handle it, because the amount has been before the application utilization is not high, 'Shenzhen, a large fund company's marketing department said frankly.

As mentioned above market participants said, << Beijing Daily reporter access to the latest disclosure of the National SAFE Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor (QDII investment quota approval Fact Sheet >> show that since the end of March this year since the fund company SAFE no new credits. Qiu Wei also pointed out that at the time of release QDII business, the State Council approved a total of $ 90 billion, has now been carved up major institutions.

In addition, a fund manager in Shanghai for Beijing Daily reporter said that some fund companies expect the yuan would be devalued, QDII Fund for development space, at the same time raised the issue QDII also issued a number of overseas accounts, and these products Also need to occupy foreign exchange quota, thus resulting in foreign exchange quotas more tight. (Reporter Ma Su Changchun January

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