"After the change" open public beta today

Updated: September 28, 2015  Views: 46

News from foreign media, followed by the Free Reign Entertainment developed survival horror games << >> changes (tentative translation, the English called 'Aftermath', today officially opened to public testing. Players can now carry on through the official website or Steam game downloads.

Steam page

Official website

From the introduction of game developers, the game has a huge 'scalable open world', which survive in a wide variety of biota and lots of towns for exploration. Players will be able to be included in a plurality of regions cities, farms, military bases, abandoned outpost, etc., searching firearms, supplies, survival items, arts and crafts materials, so in order to resist to exist in this world of zombies.

Zombies are not the only threat faced by the players. But also for competition among the players, which has been forgotten in this world of trying to survive. Create option in the hundreds of thousands of people, a large number of firearms skin and strong coordination with handicraft manufacturing system, the game will make players enjoy the experience and enjoy long enough period of time.

In addition, the game official also announced a beta video players can learn from the more detailed game information, please enjoy.

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Traditional Chinese: 《巨變之後》今日開啟公開測試