Qingfeng Baozi Pu comments that do eat cockroaches is sub buns

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Buns is your duty to do


Qingfeng Baozi Pu two friends broke the chains dahui temple stores and shops Shunyi Cathay health issues involving food, eat tired of insects, cockroaches and other big ticket disgusting things. Recently, Qingfeng Baozi Pu gave a positive response, responded that, after Qingfeng Baozi Pu headquarters of investigation and verification, these two shops are a problem in violation of food hygiene regulations, and someone to take initiatives to suspend business for rectification of the shop.

This is a centuries-old opened, but truly a household or because the leaders had to eat again. This is a casual Qingfeng Baozi Pu Tong eat also makes the path of rapid development, currently in the country already has Qingfeng a chain of 300 stores in the next plan, Qingfeng hope within five years to expand the number of stores to 1,000, also landed three new board through the backdoor approach.

A qualified indeed any entrepreneur will have a keen sense of smell, grasp the opportunity to accelerate the development of enterprise. But there is an old saying, the opportunity is for those who are prepared, for this century-old, the ability to grasp the opportunity suddenly favored It is also because the premise of quality assurance quietly preparing for years. Quality assurance is not only to seize the opportunity of the premise, but also the future development of the fundamental. how to make their rate of expansion under control, how to get rapid growth of new stores, recruitment of assault new employees to maintain quality standards old - it must be in the front desperately to make their flagship shine priority issues to consider, especially food and beverage industry, but also the most difficult element to quality control of the highest safety and quality requirements. He is known, and then can not go against dazzling flagship such commercial law.

A bun and then how flashed brightest aura, it is still a bun, flour needs with clean, fresh fillings, and sanitary utensils and vinegar, a brand has a big influence again, it is impossible to let tired of people eat insects and cockroaches will continue to buy it.

It stands to reason Qingfeng Baozi Pu series of moves nor nothing less than positive - launched an immediate investigation of the store ordered to stop someone, and hire a third-party professional organizations, 'China Certification & Inspection Group Inspection Co., Ltd.' But the reason why food safety checks. or to knock the alarm, because such impetuous, quick success of the atmosphere is really prevalent in China's industries.

Only immediate, and then collapse the old brand have to do out front there is a very vivid example: Shanhaiguan, this brand as old first built in the Sui Dynasty, the Ming Dynasty built a plus, long considered to be the Ming Great Wall? East starting point. Even with today's perspective, the building brings together the essence of the ancient Great Wall of China, which is by far the best preserved watchtower Great Wall military defense system. Sangui year here, 'washed off the roots of anger' put pigtails army Entry into the story women and children. However, Shanhaiguan has become China's first home was delisted 5A-class attractions. Local Tourism Bureau in an interview with tears, he said he is a sinner, I'm sorry old director, I'm sorry the country, tourists I'm sorry Shanhaiguan people. If I had known today why did anything to make money Kengren 5D theater was built a little less, the management of a variety of tour companies strictly something no former shortsightedness would not crying now. 'in the world off 'The gold standard was so smashed,' the first bun 'signs to hit up only faster.

So I would say, Qingfeng Qingfeng you go slowly, wore the halo is a blessing or a curse among your managers an idea. The new three-panel market, five years 1,000 stores is not impossible, but it is what you do buns duty, for each new store, every new buns, can control in place? Please forever brand of quality and gold, placed before benefits.

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