Tourists "tsunami" to homeopathic Pumian

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October 19, in the Iranian capital Tehran, a man walked a mural. Xinhua News Agency issued

Iranian nuclear issue entered into force on the 18th comprehensive agreement can be expected that, with the gradual implementation of the agreement, Iran will usher in rapid development of tourism, a visitors 'tsunami' will sweep the distant and mysterious country.

Visitors will gradually simplify entry procedures

Iran has deep historical and cultural heritage, within the UNESCO World Heritage List as many monuments of 19, however, suffered years of sanctions and blockade put a lot of heart and desire of foreign tourists get in the door outside.

However, with the start of the Iranian nuclear agreement, Iran tourism industry will usher in the spring. Iranian Vice-President of Iran and cultural monuments, handicrafts and tourism organizations 苏丹尼法尔 the 18th director Masood told the Associated Press reporter interview, the President of Kazakhstan moderate policies and simplify visa procedures are implemented Sang · Rohani for foreign tourists 'return' Iran to open the door.

苏丹尼法尔 said that the Iranian government will soon be launched in 1300 involving investment plan projects to attract foreign investment, boost tourism development. In addition, Iran will gradually simplifying entry procedures tourists are expected in the future from 190 countries and regions, On arrival in Tehran can enjoy visa services. The visa is valid for 30 days, 15 days may be extended under special circumstances. Starting next year, Iran's tourism department will also begin issuing electronic visas.

Envisaged by Iraq, Iran's foreign tourist arrivals by 2025 will reach 20 million, tourism revenue will increase to $ 30 billion. 'In the post-sanctions era, the development of tourism will exceed any other industry.' 苏丹尼法尔 he said. ' Iran, of course, tourism is leading the economy out of recession driving force for investors, Iran is a thriving tourism market, after the sanctions are lifted, we will usher in a tourist tsunami. '

Transport and accommodation and catering and other supporting facilities are backward

Outlook is good, but the tourism industry is currently facing Iran transportation and accommodation and catering facilities behind the problems.

苏丹尼法尔 said Iran now has 1,100 hotels and hostels, of which only 130 are four-star and five-star hotels, 'within a decade we need to let this number increased to 400. We are from the National Development Fund in investment, giving low-interest loans to private investors to create a new modern hotel. '

On the other hand, long-standing economic sanctions against Iran can not purchase aircraft or spare parts from abroad, so that the prevalence of domestic airliner extended service, the aging and other issues. Press 苏丹尼法尔 say, Iran currently has 250 aircraft, of which 100 due to lack of spare parts and it was grounded, and the remaining 150 are also old aircraft, urgent repair and renovation. 'After the sanctions are lifted, we need more than 400 new aircraft to alleviate the plight of a shortage of capacity, but also to revolutionize our aviation transportation system. '苏丹尼法尔 he said,' but it takes a lot of time. '

苏丹尼法尔 in an interview to US investors and tourists are also welcome, saying that 'they come to Iran, investment and tourism there are no obstacles and restrictions.'

However, the US State Department previously suggested American tourists travel to Iran to seriously consider the risks, but also to remind the United States and Iran have dual US citizens, saying they once for Iraq, may encounter difficulties when they leave.

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