Children born much heavier osteoporosis?

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October 20 is World Osteoporosis Day, a reference to osteoporosis, we immediately think of menopausal women, that why women more vulnerable to osteoporosis it? Jinzhu Ren said that the child was born is much heavier bone an important incentive loose.

Fertility is often the culprit

Lee just this year, more than 40 years, when some time ago mopping accidentally slipped back pain intolerable. To the large hospital examination found that there are actually three sections comminuted fracture of the lumbar spine occur. After a bone density examination found that Ms. Lee's bone density is much lower than normal. Jinzhu Ren careful inquiry found that Ms. Lee had birth seven children, and each child is only at intervals of 1, 2 years, frequent childbearing coupled with menopause, leading to low bone density Lee.

Studies have found that less than a year separated the two women during pregnancy, the incidence of osteoporosis risk probability is more than four times a year at intervals of women. Jinzhu Ren remind women twice during pregnancy interval is too short can lead to bone the risk of osteoporosis problem, is not conducive to women's health, advised women finished their first child after the birth, at least one year the best time to conceive a second child. And pregnant women with osteoporosis as high as 30-40% because the mother body a considerable part of the existing calcium to 'drain' to the baby body, promoting his growth.

Women over the age of 50 1/3 easy to contracting this disease

Jin Hui, director, said, menopausal women estrogen decline, estrogen itself can promote bone formation and inhibiting bone resorption, to maintain bone density and improve bone mass with the promotion of the role of .45 to 50 years of age most women will face a special life That period physiological perimenopause, prominent change is to reduce ovarian dysfunction and estrogen levels during this period, while the decline in estrogen levels can accelerate bone loss in women, especially in the first five years of bone mass in perimenopausal post lost fast. As for who suffer from uterine fibroids excessive bleeding, excessive uterine resection, early menopause and other patients, should pay particular attention to osteoporosis proportion of this group will be higher and this is every woman over the age of 50 there were three people and one reason that the threat of osteoporosis.

In addition, post-menopausal women and in which age. Adult women in the 40-year-old began to gradually lose bone mass, bone density and then gradually began to decline soon. Compared with men, women osteopenia start time than men more than 10 years in advance.

Diet so that women bone injuries

According to Jin Zhuren introduction, in addition to the normal physiological reasons, women dieting can also lead to osteoporosis because after dieting to lose weight, although weight reduced, but will also decrease bone density. Body has adequate fat, estrogen also relatively large, thereby increasing the body's absorption of calcium and promote bone formation, preventing osteoporosis, but women rarely eat a diet staple food and meat, usually eat vegetables and fruits, and vegetables and fruits in the calcium content is very low calcium intake naturally less, over time will lead to osteoporosis.

Further risk factors, underweight itself is osteoporosis. Jinzhu Ren introduction, research shows that low body mass index, bone density is often lower than normal weight or obese women, the mechanism may occur for gravity load can bone increasing the mineral content and bone density. weight itself is a gravity load, and therefore heavier weight of bone density is relatively large. On the other hand, the lesser weight of BMD levels are relatively low, susceptible to osteoporosis.

More sun sunshine calcium

Jinzhu Ren said that in addition to calcium in food supplements, but also more than the sun enhance the absorption of calcium. Also note that middle-aged women, osteoporosis is a hidden disease occurrence, in the absence of fracture, often without any symptoms, once found humpback, body shorter or bone pain, it is often a fracture has occurred. Therefore, we should pay close attention to changes in the body, can not ignore any discomfort.

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