Play a role in safeguarding judicial prosecutorial supervision in serving the overall situation in

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Original title: play a role in safeguarding judicial prosecutorial supervision in serving the overall situation in

Ma Yongsheng

In the 'four full' strategic layout, the full rule of law has a fundamental safeguard role. Prosecution bears the arrest, prosecution, investigation and prevention of job-related crimes and other duties, is an important subject and the rule of law implementation oversight in comprehensive rule of law have a special responsibility in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region procuratorial organs should conscientiously study and implement the party's 18, eighth session of the Third, Fourth, Fifth Plenum, faithfully perform their duties entrusted by the Constitution and the law, trying to make the people sense of fairness and justice in every judicial case.

First, we must put around the central task to perform their duties as the focal point, the rule of law play a larger role in economic and social development of the CPC Central Committee proposed to coordinate the promotion of 'Four comprehensive' strategic layout, to accelerate economic and social development put forward a new and higher requirements. Reform, Development and tightening party discipline, the rule of law complement and promote each other, can be neglected. procuratorial organs should deeply understand the dialectical relationship between the 'four full' between, both to perform their duties according to the law, upholding the law unified implemented correctly, but also based on their own overall situation in mind, active service overall economic and social development, which the middle to find a good entry point. In-depth study and implement the Party Central Committee, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Party Committee on awareness, adaptation, leading the economic development of a series of new normal decision-making arrangements, earnestly implement the autonomous region's Procuratorate formulated nine measures Procuratorate, seize the key issues focus force, in an effort decentralization, industrial transformation and upgrading, innovation-driven development, urbanization, constructing new open economy system , protect and improve important aspects of people's livelihood, innovation and other macro-control mode to play the role of the judicial guarantees prosecutorial supervision.

'Ten full coverage' project implemented by the regional party committee, is to implement the 'four comprehensive' strategic layout, and promote regional economic and social development of key projects. For the protection and promotion of the people's livelihood, the people, the development of projects to promote strong, autonomous Procuratorate year In early deployment of the prosecution in the region to carry out investigation and prevention of rural and pastoral areas, 'Ten full coverage' project implementation Crimes special work for two years, has achieved some results. region to be actively involved in the prosecution, prosecutors want to grassroots, hands-on experience for the development of farming and pastoral areas, and better implementation of the law to make its own contribution.

Second, we must put the interests of justice as a working baseline, trying to maintain fairness and justice. Justice is the last line of defense of social justice. Justice of the most fundamental thing is to safeguard judicial justice, and establish judicial authority. Procuratorial organs should play in advancing the rule of law in important role, we must increase legal supervision, and earnestly solve the masses are strongly lax enforcement and miscarriages of justice and other issues, run every judicial cases. judicial prosecution activities to highlight the 'strict' requirements, strict justice is fair judicial basis, but also the basic requirements of the rule of law. Party Fourth Plenary Session of the deployment of eight of the 'reforms to trial centered litigation system', 'quality of handling lifelong responsibility and accountability down search misjudgments' a number of reform initiatives to implement these reforms, but also reflects the strict justice. procuratorial organs to seriously promote the implementation of these reform measures, insisted on handling the case according to the facts and the law as the yardstick, strict customs facts, evidence clearance, customs and legal procedures Off applicable.

Strictly judicial, procuratorial personnel must seriously address the problem of 'Yong, lazy, casual,' 'rough, floating, drag' and not the work of a large number of regulatory issues exist. These problems directly related to the credibility of the judiciary and judicial authority. These issues is not solved, the region will be unable to raise the level of procuratorial work, eventually will lead to judicial injustice. Therefore, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region's Procuratorate from 2013, with the problem persist Forced, he worked out a 'scientific development procuratorial work sample assessment' approach. According to law and work requirements, sub-business and integrated both sets 17 categories, 237 small items, a 'check under the' check on 'down' approach, each year a Union City Procuratorate, and a grass-roots procuratorates, every two years to carry out a comprehensive examination of the autonomous region's Procuratorate, look no regulatory issues, in-depth assessment of the investigators check the quality of each particular case, handling process and results, promotion of norms and investigators to improve the quality of judicial conduct apply in each case exist At the same time focus on their own problems, the autonomous region's Procuratorate clearly recognize that, as the legal supervision of state organs, both charged with the applicable law, duty to enforce the law, but also shoulder the supervision according to law enforcement investigation, trial, penalty enforcement authorities, judicial activities responsibility. We will expand the assessment methods of sampling as 'an activity, four mechanisms' will be extended to the law enforcement field sampling to assess the public security organs, courts, penalty enforcement authorities, judicial activities, both look to the prosecution for legal proceedings ineffective oversight the problem, but also to promote the administration of justice, law enforcement standardized construction of courts, public security, judicial and administrative authorities.

Third, we must strengthen the prosecution team building as the fundamental guarantee, so that the region prosecutors assume special responsibility not only to do the region's prosecutors to justice practitioners and defenders, but also make strict enforcement of a facilitator, national law Participants promoters and scientific legislation. to promote strict enforcement, the promotion of government administration according to law, the rule of law and government is the key to the region's focus on the rule of law. procuratorial oversight as an important part of judicial supervision, not only by investigating and prevention of such crimes supervise executive staff diligent and honest, but also to administrative violations of omission, chaos as supervision. to promote universal compliance, the leading legal culture, spread the rule of law culture, law enforcement, the judiciary in common responsibility, but also gives the Organic Law of the People's Procuratorate prosecution statutory duties. procuratorial organs not only through rigorous impartial judicial interpretation and demonstrate fairness and justice, to set an example for the referendum law, and the rule of law in conjunction with investigators carry out publicity and education, carry forward the socialist rule of law, Promoting the rule of law society. We should conscientiously implement 'Who enforcement who popularizing' the Franco-Prussian accountability, establish prosecutors the case of interpretation system. On the one hand, for the case being handled by the people to participate in the proceedings and the interpretation and reasoning, in response to community handle cases of doubt the concerns raised, improving the people on the prosecution strictly impartial judicial understanding and recognition. On the other hand, in conjunction with a typical case of interpretation apply reasoning to the public, to guide the people respect the law and employing law, to promote the whole society firmly establish the rule of law consciousness. was involved in scientific legislation, the prosecutors handling the case directly to the judicial, law on the status of implementation, the problems are deep feelings. Therefore, we should actively participate in the legislative, judicial investigators found a need for legislation to solve the problem, carefully study and make recommendations, actively assist the NPC and its Standing Committee to carry out autonomous local legislation, law enforcement inspection work, with the Supreme People's Procuratorate formulated judicial interpretation and case guidance, uniform application of law standards, promote the improvement of the Constitution as the core of socialism with Chinese characteristics Marxist legal system.

Fulfill these special duties, must strengthen the standardization, specialization, professionalization prosecution team building as the fundamental and basic security measures. However, the current procuratorial work and the prosecution team, there are some not suited to the new situation, does not meet the new tasks . For instance, some outstanding issues of the rule of law requires prosecutors not solid, not fear of the law, does not believe in the rule of law; some hold FaBuZeZhong psychology, along with others discipline violation; some prosecutors do not face a serious offense dare to play, do not want to supervise; some of the problems identified do not want the real thing, even made a suggestion to make to the responsibility, and so this must be serious remediation of black sheep will not be tolerated, and resolutely investigate and deal resolutely clear out the prosecution team. . To promote the standardization of prosecutorial power run to focus seriously carry out good ongoing prosecution norms of judicial conduct special rectification work to make a real push to assume the task of building the rule of law in our district prosecutors.

Fourth, the law must be independent and impartial exercise of prosecutorial power as the basic requirements, and always adhere to the party's leadership to promote judicial reform. Procuratorial organs exercise procuratorial power independently and impartially according to law is to achieve a fair administration of justice, improve the basic judicial credibility. Leaders such as the trust say Love, interfere in the judicial, judicial officers inside to act as 'broker', inquire into the case and other phenomena, is a long-standing 'chronic' seriously damaged public confidence in justice. procuratorial organs as a national judicial authorities, we must always adhere to the party's leadership to ensure that the procuratorial work properly political direction to correctly handle the relationship between the party's leadership and legally independent and impartial exercise of prosecutorial power, properly handle the relationship between the party's policies and national laws, to uphold the party's leadership to reflect and implement the judicial investigators in resolutely implement the Party's line principles and policies, earnestly implement the 'temper justice with mercy,' 'punitive and preventive measures' and other policies, adhere to and improve on major issues, the annual work report to the Party committee system, the procuratorial work closely rely on the Party to carry out good. strengthen the prosecution party building, especially leading Party self-construction, and constantly improve the party group planning global, scientific decision-making ability, under the guidance of the CPC Central Committee to ensure that major policy decisions and plans are implemented to the letter in the procuratorial work.

Conscientiously implement this year Office of the State Office issued the << cadres interfere with the judicial activities, meddling record specific cases handled, communications and accountability provisions of the recording and responsibilities >> and the Central Political and Law Commission issued << insiders say in the case of the judiciary >> accountability provisions, to jointly build activities to prevent interference with the judicial system in handling cases from both external and internal barriers, resolutely exclude judicial investigators intervention activities.

Actively promoting category management including prosecutors, judicial investigators accountability, prosecutors job security, the Provincial Procuratorate four judicial reform following places, including the unified management of human, financial, and explore the summary can be copied, can promote the experience to build clear rights and responsibilities handling the responsibility system, the reform of prosecutorial management and security system to ensure that the exercise of the powers of the Prosecutor in accordance with statutory authority and legal proceedings to ensure the effective prosecution according to the independent exercise of prosecutorial power.

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