There have stem material, learning greatly appreciate visit to Britain three videos Compare

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1 'Xi big hello,' the 72-like changes

Jun spread yesterday from the British public, politicians and Queen Elizabeth II views count of three British study circles welcomed the President of the imagination, sharp-eyed partner already have point like the inside of the video:

<< >> Xi greatly Hello, please watch even after WiFi, 1'53 '

This practice greatly Hello >> << create video clips from the CCTV network, avid, people's blood boiling, whether it is Beijing Forbidden City British students, or Buckingham Palace in front of the Chinese, both in front of Big Ben buskers, or Thames Riverside embracing couple, both with Chinese or said or written expression of the study visit to Britain's big warm welcome, let us see the 'Xi big hello,' the 72-like changes. Although some pronounce also not standard, some Chinese characters not very neat, but our British friends to this passion, touched ing ~

2 Fun authentic 'British Lunfan children'

After reading habits significantly << >> Hello, the first time to investigate the propagation Jun revival road studio update on cue, the mysterious revival along the way studio with a new film << greatly take the British papers >> comeback, with the movie's attitude shoot videos, plus elegant northern British accent, does not know will not let the Chinese do not understand the British partner moved to a 'Tears cow sounded?'

<< Go along with much of Britain >> Please WiFi even after watching, 5'26 '

One day two of the three stories, two children's exchanges, the two fans (as well as learning much yo shared passion for football, Geely help veteran 'London Taxi' retained and promoted, could be so close between Britain! Sheet appears London taxi, a red telephone booth and mark with the Royal British Buckingham Palace changing of the guard are symbols, the industry is really conscience, you read it?

3 'in Britain good brothers' of 29 evidence

The third clip evidence to recommend 29 << China Daily brothers of Britain >> videos, enlightened, a look of wonder, that our planet and there are so many British brothers have in common.

<< Good brothers of Britain >> 29 evidence, please WiFi even after watching, 2'25 '

Great to history, culture, small building diet, Chinese wind hit the British Lunfan, this brain-hole ...... Confucius VS Shakespeare, Empress Wu VS Queen of England, was playing bad rhythm! Along with hip-pop melodies hi up, 'base situation full of' you get to it? Like most spread monarch point is that this movie is not much complex technology, a background music plus 29 contrast image, made Behind us feel wonderful mind.

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