23-year-old anchor repelling game ......

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Internet era behavior strides before the game industry has brought great changes, now players can not only be considered when the pros make money, but you can live with the game quickly became the richest domestic several << Heroes Alliance >> Aces are worth anchor a lot of money, but I and the world via live << >> to buy a $ 4.5 million mansion in the United States than man, we still have a sigh of foreign players as a very enthusiastic ah.

23-year old Jordan Maron (ID of CaptainSparklez a few years ago began making games on the YouTube video and live, usually play most of the game is my world << >> In a short time he passed me live << World >> accumulated a lot of popularity, all the way income is gone. Not long ago, this game anchor actually spend $ 4.5 million on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, bought a three-luxury 4100 square feet, containing three bedrooms , five bathrooms, an outdoor fireplace, a minor and a pool bar, in short, is unparalleled luxury. than those of his neighbors to the Hollywood star in this room seems normal, but after all, he was 23 years old this year, but did I only live in the world << >>, it is no wonder such a thing will provoke discussion of numerous media and users.

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