"Star Armor" Sanctuary ......

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Super Action shooting >> << interstellar super armor is now fully open beta, the game many of the super heroes gave many players an unparalleled gaming experience. Today, Xiao Bian learned, new heroes will soon Sanctuary login States clothes, so the dress can be served hot pursuit of international pace, constantly bringing the latest game content all players.

The Acceding hero superhero battle group is our Sanctuary Cthulhu Rocky, he is confused, destruction synonymous with confusion. Capacity Although the 'Cthulhu Rocky' little direct damage, but all super helpful Sneak hero in the most used 'disappeared.' When skills to launch, they can be invisible, and can not be found or selected as a target themselves enemies. utilize the strongest stealth skills can help players quickly through enemy heavily guarded area convenient to complete the task.

'Sanctuary Cthulhu Rocky' is 'Cthulhu Rocky' to strengthen science and technology through a full range of enhanced Oro gold armor, in addition to increasing Oro Gold's unique 'Tyrant gold' Sanctuary armor accessories. 'Sanctuary Cthulhu Rocky 'is the Sanctuary of armor in the appearance and the biggest difference between an ordinary version of the armor. It is bigger than the regular version of the legs, elbows and more like a blade like protrusions and the back many more items and thrusting. In addition, it strengthens the ability of armor, the current game 'Cthulhu Rocky Sanctuary' will have all the superhero armor highest energy value, you can release more skills to help combat , it is worth mentioning that the Sanctuary armor armor armor adds, so 'Cthulhu Rocky' Farewell to the ranks of the 'wonderful crisp Corner'.

Of course, the 'Sanctuary Los Cthulhu' action group focused on decentralized enemy attention, confuse, do special attack means destruction, displacement and attack, etc. Although the armor value compared to the ordinary version done a lot to strengthen, but still not suitable for front storm operations.

New 'Sanctuary Los Cthulhu' will be held October 16 and meet all national costume players, but also mysterious Sanctuary open arms and jewelry waiting grateful to the players to collect. Like << >> interstellar armor and stealth assassination The players must not miss.

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