How to finance the fourth quarter: "stability" is important

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2015 Central Bank [microblogging] cut interest rates four times, three times lower prospective investors in a variety of financial road has gone through nearly a year. With the stock market volatility, baby products revenue decline, lower financial products revenue, P2P Internet finance high-yield, and soon came to the last quarter of the year. Then, the remaining three months, how optimistic 'pockets' reasonable financial management?

Just past the 'Eleventh' mini vacation, reporters learned that under the combined effects of 'double' earnings provincial capital some banks financial products in a short time to pick up the phenomenon of short-term financial products expected annual rate of return more than 5%, but industry sources have said that the long term benefits of financial products is still a downward trend. 'As the market further easing, future earnings will show a long period of financial products continued to decline.' a Komago joint-stock banks financial manager, told reporters at the combined effects of 'double', short-term bank financial products revenue will be slightly warmer, but in the future under the influence of the background of the interest rate market, financial products revenue declining trend unchanged. So, entering the fourth quarter, the financial products revenue will be?

Generally, in the fourth quarter for the banks, the money is most needed, therefore, one to the end, will be staged 'Lanchu' war, of course, will introduce a variety of high-yield financial products to attract investors. Therefore, financial planner believes that investors can grasp the opportunity in this quarter, configure and long-term financial products, locked in advance of high returns. Financial experts analysis, this year continued to maintain market funds face relaxed, the end of the financial side may remain relatively relaxed situation, the average financial products Expected yields likely to remain at around 5% plus or minus. node relatively tight end funds, financial income is expected to slightly higher. Therefore, we recommend investors, if liquidity requirements are lower, should try to choose a longer investment period high-yield products.

As for the 'lost treasure' are concerned, the baby class has now become the eyes of some investors 'tasteless.' Current Balance Bao [microblogging] income has been broken, '3', reached 2.958% level, and 6.763% of history History, it has been 'cut.' In fact, 'with the deposit with the check' robust and flexible products treasure, more suitable for some small amount of money financial management, the choice of 'Baby' category of products, it is recommended not to look at income, should pay more attention to advantages of flexible withdrawal of funds, investors some 'live money' in the fourth quarter, you can choose where on the baby products are also good.

In recent years, P2P net loan platform to attract a lot of small investors, a number of financial institutions will be launched in the fourth quarter of P2P high-yield fixed-income products. Investors may wish to hold such investment opportunities to achieve greater benefits. Although P2P financial products with high yields sought by investors, but the other fact is that the rapid development of P2P net loan platform, repeatedly burst collapse occurs, on foot, cash difficulties. Therefore, financial planner suggested that investors if they wish to enter the market, should choose a formal qualification, the larger, reputable companies to conduct business relative terms, so that the capital security and financial income more secure number.

So, how to determine net loan platform to choose a reliable expert advice, it can start with attention from eight aspects:? Platform Established age and background, assets welterweight level, the purpose of the investment and financing platform, the popular understanding is to take investors' money to do What projects, investment projects yield range, the level of risk control platform shows the level of platform design, style clear and comprehensive description languages, platform released enterprise information management staff's information is complete, the user experience whether it is satisfied, for example, convenient transactions , cash quickly, improve customer service and other assets if there is a third-party custodian, third-party evidence is reliable and provable and the like.

In short, in the next hundred days, investors finance to 'stability' was the most important.

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