Innovative gameplay break the traditional inventory of ten unique shooting game

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Traditional shooter gameplay has long been the major mainstream works excessive abuse, so in this area we have an urgent need of some alternative play of the game works. Here I will introduce ten break the traditional mode of shooting game works, I hope these games can bring players in front a bright feeling.

1. Portal

The V Club produced the first-person shooter has to make you imagine connotation, can say just shooting performance puzzle is the essence, he is from the Half-Life 2 >> << stripped out of a universe of non-use Europe geometric principles of the game. The game the players thought bent in a Mobius loop, although space conversion and perspective will make players restless steering even Touyunnaozhang, but if you can overcome these, you will find This is a vertical thinking and spatial transformation on the magical game. In addition, the game story section is a highlight, short stories interspersed with moments of delight and full of plot twists and turns, humorous plot and even extended to the puzzle elements. This is the 'portal', a perfect fusion of excellent works to understand the mystery and drama of the same, not the boss number three has no sequel planned.

2. Metroid Prime

'Metroid Prime' Nintendo addition to 'Super Mario' and 'Zelda' outside another classic example of the success of the transition from 2D to 3D, in a unique first-person perspective, so that the universe's most sexy blonde Royal sister extraordinarily exciting adventure, complicated nervous. This completely from traditional 2D into 3D game series combines the 'Mario' platform jumping and 'Zelda' adventure puzzle and unique innovation in The world of free and open space, PubMed players 'Discover' capability. Developers will use their unique talents in the FPS platform game elements play the most, plus a perfect performance Wii remote control, all make The game seemed so perfect.

3. Chino conflict

First-person fighting game is rare, after all, in the kind of perspective is difficult to exhibit punches and dodge handsome action. However, in the << >> conflict in Chino, close combat has become the game's most important means of expression. Although the game still offers a lot to the players to use traditional firearms, but these weapons were playing behind, players will find that direct close fight is the most straightforward way of fighting, including a variety of batter, hit, parry, dodge and other moves have encountered through the first-person perspective to show up, especially when you are faced with all kinds of surreal appearance of the enemy, you will be tempted to beat them severely fat meal!

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Traditional Chinese: 創新玩法突破傳統 盤點十款別具一格的射擊遊戲