"Eternal Warrior 4" IOS version on-line today

Updated: October 15, 2015  Views: 42

Today, developed by the Glu hand tour ARPG Diablo theme << Eternal Warrior 4 >> iOS version formally launched as the eternal warrior series, the latest sequel, Eternal Warrior 4 << >> continuation of the classic elements of the original game, and the screen and play With a bigger breakthrough on.

>> << Eternal Warrior 4 is Glu launched << >> Eternal Warrior Series IV works, the series of works has always been a real operation to combat a sense and a good level of strategic mobile platform enjoys a good reputation. The game has Warrior, Mage, Assassin three heroes to choose from, each hero active and passive skills are not the same.

From the login screen to the game scene, 4 >> << Eternal Warrior game screen is filled with magical dark wind, and touch-screen mode is also operational role in the battle to walk freely and release skills, a variety of actions, skills, and sound effects combined with each other.

4 >> << Eternal Warrior essence a continuation of its predecessor, the UI interface layout, combat operations and three professional roles crafting skills are optimized from the smooth direction of control, to the instantaneous release skills, allowing the player to play enough to reverse war operations.

In addition to the smooth operation, the role of go places and micromanagement and other design also has a good performance. On 4 >> << Eternal Warrior at checkpoints before the single core gameplay, the new system PVE and PVP play, you can team up with checkpoints or learn athletics, there are very rich guild gameplay from single to change games, the team with the operations, Boss and other challenges more difficult to experience the magical world of fun.

4 >> << Eternal Warrior landing iOS platform today, both from the screen, or play operation will bring you a new experience, along with the dark magic into battle it.

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