Black five residential homes to the sea Amoy shopping: buy homes all over the world

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Lead: come, loudly told Xiao Bian, what day it is! ? - Yes, today is Black Friday! Starting today until the Christmas season to discount long - it -! Once upon a time, the number of big fans counting down the days count discount season, ready to aim at the opportunity to purchasing orders, and even a little drum wallet ready to leave the flying spot of a trip abroad, over a year had a case of shopping addiction. And Today, purchasing? abroad? no need! Black Friday Thanksgiving Day and big burly experienced foreign housewives hard fierce rush is unnecessary. Not limited season time, as long as you have the time, can sit on the sofa, lying in bed, comfortably blowing air conditioning, mouse, finger press, flew to discount merchandise abroad, limited merchandise into the bag.

'Sea Amoy', we are already familiar with the word - that is, the net purchase of foreign things chant! Familiar is familiar, but still a lot of questions:??? No credit card, I was able to sea after sea Amoy Amoy it, how goods sent to my hands do my English is not good Japanese sea Amoy I can do so in order to enrich everyone's holiday life, Xiao Bian specially Amoy sea of people gathered around, a collection of interviews with their questionnaire, as we prepared a sea Amoy guide, please note wallet safety in the reading process, not to 'long grass' grow into a prairie oh ~

We are most concerned about? - We can buy sea Amoy worth what we buy?

Q: What are the general merchandise you sea Amoy goods worth what you feel sea Amoy??

A: Spread with more than 30% of the domestic thing if this figure is not sensitive, then it is the feel of it, anyway, clothes, bags, UGG shoes, headphones these foreign than domestic prices already low discount is older, even. plus shipping, it is still a lot cheaper than domestic, this cheap intensity is visually perceptible. For example, I've bought a package coach, domestic to 7,8000 bar, sea Amoy 2000 will come back to hit off early This is really affordable friends. (sea Amoy Daren Wen seven

A: The reason I chose the sea is the sea Amoy Amoy crisper, more peace of mind before I buy Japanese cosmetics are also looking for purchasing cheap, even though the Japanese have been very open-shelf cheap but then get our hands on feel anything wrong... , to online search genuine fake posts contrast to know cheated, then I went to purchasing returnable. People just do not know ah, I told him the burden of proof on this matter for several days, it took two weeks before return the goods back the money, but the freight ah like wasted. Although I know this is not so much purchasing black heart, but really, the heart of the most reassuring things themselves, even a little bit of trouble do. right I do not bother, I'm afraid rotten face (sea Amoy Daren · thirty-three

A: I buy milk ah when the mother of the people, in addition to its own but also worry about the baby, for the baby to eat absolutely can not have any quality problems in domestic supermarkets can buy foreign milk powder types less expensive care of relatives... Friends from abroad, which is not convenient large tank milk canister right now directly buy online, buy Australia on Australia, New Zealand on New Zealand to buy, nothing to worry about. ah, there is cosmetics. I heard Many domestic and foreign cosmetics supply batch is not the same, anyway, I think I bought a batch of foreign mask is useful, as well as the annual Christmas Han, cosmetics brands do not have it will also introduce limit set for several years I even saw the popular purchasing also grab hand, now just a little snack, these things can be purchased in person, I do not have to live in a foreign country looking to line up overnight relatives sigh ~ (sea Amoy Daren · MOMO

A: According to the data of our website to display China's fashion enthusiasts to the Los Angeles style, as well as emerging designers to explore REVOLVE has a very high recognition they like to buy such and such a big Rebecca Mincoff T by Alexander Wang and they are now more. increasingly prefer to buy the Los Angeles fashion brands, such as For Love & Lemons, Lovers + Friends, Tularosa, etc. (sea Amoy consultant · Lauren Yerkes

Tips: Having said that you can buy anything, then what else is it that we can not sea Amoy state banned entry of goods, of course, are not sea Amoy:? Weapons, chemicals, including live animals These and so much more. buy and transport of choice be sure to ask. By the way, the car is scouring the sea! Sea Amoy car there is a proprietary term: parallel imported cars, but the sea Amoy car at risk, we must be careful job.

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