2015 First East China Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Summit Forum held in Shanghai

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October 19, 2015, 'scientific and technological innovation boost business transformation and development' as the theme of the inaugural East China Science and Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Forum held in Shanghai, east China Forum aims to gather scientific and technological innovation advantages of resources, deepen government platform, enterprises exchanges and cooperation between the intelligence to provide valuable resources and support for the innovation and development of technology companies.

At the same time, the Forum as one and the 'double hit Week' 10 core themes of Shanghai the first 'hit-off event', is divided into keynote speeches, media releases, Roundtable three components, from experts, business, media people's point of view deeply explore ways to further create a good atmosphere for innovation and entrepreneurship, and promote 'the public business, Peoples innovation' in a larger scope, a higher level, a deeper extent.

Well-known economist Li Wuwei made at the forum, entitled << promote technological innovation and the development of cultural and creative integration >> the topic. Li Wuwei pointed out that technological innovation is inseparable from the support of the humanities, the highly entrepreneurial, more emphasis on social atmosphere. How innovation and development of the intersection to make a city a city of culture and the integration of temperament, complementary mutual progress, challenges and opportunities is today, the transformation of the Chinese face.

The forum also issued a 'evolution APP' new media mobile client, which consists of technology products in East China, the desire to create a designed for entrepreneurs and venture investors, service class new media platforms, with a view to a comprehensive upgrade professional reports capacity for innovation and entrepreneurship .

The Forum by the six provinces and one city in East China Science and Technology Agency (Commission guidance, Shanghai Technology Innovation Center, East China Science and Technology << >> magazine co-hosted by the Shanghai Economic City Xing Xu, Shanghai peak Venture Capital Management Co., Ltd. Shanghai letter Takayuki Information Technology Co., Ltd., to cast it as a co-organizer.

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